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Music From The Glen
Sunday June 27th, 2021 with Ed Kingscote

The Shipworm/The Shield
Nancy Kerr - Tunnellers New
Sweeping the Floor
Madderam - Ebb & Flow
Far In Distant Lands
False Lights - Harmonograph
Ar Foren Teg
Alaw - Melody
The Lover's Ghost
Jon Wilks - Up the Cut
Tide a Flowing/The Duchess
Banter - Three New
Adam Sutherland - Squall
Ten Thousand Miles
The Tabbush Sisters - This Close
William Taylor
Hannah James & Sam Sweeney - State and Ancientry
The Grand River Waltz
Allison Lupton - Words of Love Canadian
When All The World
Amy & Gavin Davenport - A Boat of Promises
Bending the Ferret / The Spirit of the Dance
Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews - Proper Swell
Mike and the Monarchs
Graham Lindsey - The Next Best Thing Canadian
Green Bushes
Benji Kirkpatrick - Half a Fruit Pie
The Breakfast Set
Alex Cumming and Nicola Beazley - Across the Water
Rain Check
Kathryn Tickell - Gathering
The Peeriefool
Gnoss - Drawn from Deep Water
Ivaluarjuk - Ice Lines & Seal Skin Canadian
Dream Big
Mel Biggs - From Darkness Comes Light New
Ross Couper & Tom Oakes - Fiddle + Guitar
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