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Music From The Glen
Sunday May 30th, 2021 with Colin Henein

Lots of long songs and tunes this morning, starting off with a set of atmospheric / sound collage tracks. Very contemporary feel this morning, but still trad!
Oars in the Breakers
The Ciderhouse Rebellion & Jessie Summerhayes - Words of a Fiddler's Daughter: Rúnian - Self
Folkatron Sessions - Skiver - Upcycled sounds
Inhabited: The Last Iceni Wolf (feat. Kate Ellis)
Laura Cannell - These Feral Lands, Vol. 1 - Brawl
Write Me Down
The Furrow Collective - Fathoms - Hudson
Ben Walker - Echo - Folkroom
Katie Cruel
Lankum - The Livelong Day - Rough trade
An Gille Dubh Ciar Dubh
Aerialists - Dear Sienna - Fiddlehead Canadian
Wayne's World
Calan - Kistvaen - Recordiau Sienco
Pat the Lucky Dog
Calan - Kistvaen - Recordiau Sienco
Mari Morgan
Calan - Kistvaen - Recordiau Sienco
Calan - Kistvaen - Recordiau Sienco
Old Molly Oxford
Tom Kitching - Seasons of Change - Talking Cat
Coolaney Reel / The Winding Stair / Rossagh’s Rambles (Reels)
John Doyle - The Path of Stones - Compass
5 Miles
Mairi Rankin & Eric Wright - The Cabin Sessions - Self Canadian
Angeline the Baker
Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys - Pretty Peggy - Navigator
The Uttoxeter Souling Song / Turner's
Blowzabella - Two Score - Self
Nettlebone - Revel and Rhyme - Self
Caravan up North
Shooglenifty - Acid Croft, Vol. 9 - Self
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings - Rose in June - Hudson
Interactive CKCU