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Music From The Glen
Sunday March 28th, 2021 with Colin Henein
Early spring and jazz linkages

An Gaoth Aneas (The Wind from the South)
The Chieftains - Water from the well - RCA Victor
South Wind (feat. Wendy Grossman, Kathy Westra, Lani Hermann, Ann Mayo Muir & Lorraine Lee)
Archie Fisher - The man with a rhyme (feat. Wendy Grossman, Kathy Westra, Lani Hermann, Ann Mayo Muir & Lorraine Lee) - Folk legacy
So Early in the Spring
John Renbourn - So early in the spring - Transatlantic
When spring comes in (Bob & Ron)
The Copper family - Come write me down - Early recordings of the Copper family of Rottingdean - Topic
Fare thee well cold winter
Waterson:Carthy - Broken ground - Topic
Air: Easter snow (live)
Matt Molloy & John Carty - Pathway to the well (live) [with Arty McGlynn] - Racket
Pace egging song
Kate Rusby - Life in a paper boat - Pure
Puce des champs
MAZ - ID - Self Canadian
The Manchester angel
Quercus - Nightfall - ECM
Sien drahmas
Folkatron Sessions - Skiver - Upcycled sounds
Tim Van Eyken - Stiff lovers holymen thieves - Topic
Do not pass go, do not collect £200
Calan - Kistvaen - Recordiau Sienco Records
Elevenses (tune)
John Doyle - The path of stones - Compass
The Murroe polka / The Taur polka / Mick Duggan’s polka
Caroline Keane - Shine - Self
Grimstock / Greensleeves morris
Tom Kitching - Seasons of change - Talking cat
Camus daraich
Ewen Henderson - Steall - Sgadan Records
Alex Thyberg of Jarvso
David Foley & Jack Smedley - Time to fly - Head East
Project Smok - Bayview - Self
Je fais la difficile
Mélisande [électrotrad] - Les métamorphoses - La Prûche Libre Canadian
Ashley Park
Ron Jappy - Vincular - Self
Interactive CKCU
Just HI Glenners, Perfect backdrop for doing extremely boring tax-related paperwork today. Happy Spring. Dunno about ye, but the Cardinals, Robins, Crows, Jays, Chickadees etc are totally ape-shit today here! Peace & Beats

12:56 PM, March 28th, 2021
Colin Henein (host)
Glad you enjoyed it P!

4:54 PM, March 28th, 2021