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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday January 24th, 2021 with Colin Henein
Best of 2020

Happy new year. This is my annual best-of 2020 show. More or less in alphabetical order. Along the way I'll be flagging 4 albums as Gold Star Releases ⭐ and 4 as Honourable Mention 👈 to reflect my absolute top picks, but in my view all the albums below deserve your consideration as the best traditional music of 2020.
All hang down
Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings - Rose in June - Hudson
The song of Evan
Calan - Kistvaen ⭐ - Little seeds
The East Pointers - Yours to break - Self
Naoise Nolan’s / An slabhra nóiníní
John Doyle - The path of stones - Compass Canadian
Triple fids
The Fitzgeralds - The Fitzgeralds 👈 - Self Canadian
Uncertain lodging
Goitse - Úr - Self
Cruel mother
Fay Hield - Wrackline - Topic
Sweet sixteen
Sam Lee - Old wow ⭐ - Cooking vinyl
The farthest field
The Lumber Jills - The Lumber Jills 👈 - Self Canadian
When first I went to Caledonia
Allison Lupton - Words of love - Self Canadian
Mo chràdhghal bochd
Lauren MacColl - Landskein - Make believe
Le moine tremblant
Musique à bouches - L'habit de plumes 👈 - Self Canadian
Her bright smile haunts me still
Shannon Quinn - Watchmaker 👈 - Cowbell Canadian
5 miles
Mairi Rankin & Eric Wright - The cabin sessions ⭐ - Crooked cove Canadian
The earl of terror
Haley Richardson & Quinn Bachand - When the wind blows high and clear ⭐ - Self Canadian
Fleur de mandragore / Berthier-Sur-Mer
Pierre Schryer & Adam Dobres - Mandorla - Self Canadian
Air chuairt
Shooglenifty - Acid croft, vol. 9 - Self
Old Tom
Nettlebone - Revel and rhyme - Independent
The small glories - Assiniboine & the Red - Red House Canadian
The road to Garrison / Réel du Lac-St-Jean
Sophie & Fiachra - Sophie & Fiachra - Self Canadian
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