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Music From The Glen
Sunday October 11th, 2020 with Colin Henein
Thanksgiving and other favourites

My last show was my 15th anniversary and I played favourite tracks. But of course, there are so many favourites and 90 minutes goes by fast. So today we're going to listen to more favourites that I couldn't squeeze in last time. But we'll get things started with a set of songs in honour of Thanksgiving.
John Barleycorn
Oysterband (ft. Steve Knightley / June Tabor) - The big session (vol.1) - Westpark
The farmers and the cow
John Kirkpatrick - Make no bones - Fledg'ling
Harvest Gypsies
Kris Drever - Harvest Gypsies - Reveal
Peter the cabby
Nancy Kerr / James Fagan - Strands of Gold - Fellside
John's reel / Lord MacDonald's / Lucy Campbell's
Matt Pepin - Pass it down - Self Canadian
Long time ago
Fay Hield - Old Adam - Soundpost
The exile's devotion
Frank Cassidy / James Stephens - Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Self Canadian
Mo ghruagach dhonn
Julie Fowlis - Cuilidh - Machair
Hard times
Keith Murphy - Bound for Caanan - Self Canadian
Tom Padget
Spiers and Boden - The works - Navigator
The quadbike
Kathryn Tickell (ft. Mike Tickell) - Northumbrian voices - Park
All in a day
Bob Fox - The blast - Topic
Drunken Barnaby / Cuckolds all in a row
Leveret - Diversions - Self
Lord Douglas
Jim Moray - Skulk - NIAG
The Oban ball
Breabach - Frenzy of the meeting - Self
2duos - Until the cows come home - Artes
The old churchyard
Waterson:Carthy - A dark light - Topic
The dancing
June Tabor - Apples - Topic
Ya Llegó
Salsa Celtica - El camino - Discos Leon
Interactive CKCU
hillbilly glenn
Have a safe Thanksgiving! Thanks for the music!

12:12 PM, October 11th, 2020
Thanks Glenn, Happy Thanksgiving!

6:57 PM, October 11th, 2020