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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 19th, 2011 with Gord Peeling

Across the Blue Mountains
Rose Laughlin - House of Memory - Ramblin' Rose New
Lukey's Boat
Ray (Blacky) O'Leary - The Heart & Soul of Newfoundland - Cabot Sound Canadian
Bantry Bay
Tony Hall - Fieldvole Music - Free Reed
Mrs. O'Dwyer's
The Old Swan Band - Swan For the Money - Wild Goose New
Marche des Prisonniers
Philippe Bruneau - Au Symposium de Levis - Tout Crin Canadian
The Origin of the World
Blowzabella - FAF Tracks (various) - Froots New
Spencer the Rover
Rebecca Barclay & John Steele - With the Night Fast Approaching - Raven's Wing Canadian New
Patrick Pearse
Tom McConville - Tommy on the Bridge - Tomcat
Grandfather's Thoughts
Shannon Heaton - The Blue Dress - self
The Boys of the 25
Tommy Keane - The Piper's Apron - Mulligan
The Cooley Set
Martin O'Connor, Cathal Hayden, Seamie O'Dowd - Crossroads - self
Cailin na nUrla Donn
Danu - Seanchas - self
The Crockery Ware
Michael Ayles - Over the Bridge - Existential Angst Canadian
Sweet Lovely Joan
The Askew Sisters & Craig, Morgan & Robson - The Axford Five - Wild Goose
Coppers & Brass
Dick Gaughan - The Definitive Collection - Highpoint
Here's a Health Tae the Sauters
Andy M. Stewart - Davy Steele the Show (various) - Greentrax New
Marga's Moment
Brian Finnegan - The Ravishing Genius of Bones - Singing Tree New
Banks of the Bann
Matthew Byrne - Ballads - self Canadian
The Breaking of Omagh Jail
Damien O'Kane - Summer Hill - Pure
Rookery Reels
Alan Kelly - After the Morning - Black Box