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Music From The Glen
Sunday June 28th, 2020 with Colin Henein
Gettin' ready for Canada Day

All Canadian songs and tunes this morning on Music from the Glen!
Ontario tune set
Allison Lupton - Words of love - Self Canadian New
Adieu charmante Isabeau
Musique à bouches - L'habit de plumes - Sacapus Canadian New
Tune for Garth Kempster
Haley Richardson / Quinn Bachand - When the wind blows high and clear - Self Canadian New
Johnson Slide
The small glories - Assiniboine & the Red - Red House Canadian New
La valse des jouets
Adam Dobres / Pierre Schryer - Mandorla - Self Canadian New
Taking our time / The break / La reel Galicia
The Lumber Jills - The Lumber Jills - Self Canadian New
Triple fids
The Fitzgeralds - The Fitzgeralds - Self Canadian New
Wolves don't live by the rules
Elisapie (ft. Joe Grass) - The ballad of the runaway girl - Bonsound Canadian New
Isle inspired
Mairi Rankin / Eric Wright - The cabin sessions - Crooked cove Canadian New
Ashes of a day gone by
Oliver the crow - Oliver the crow - Self Canadian New
Hommage à Sainte-Cécile
Sabin Jacques / Rachel Aucoin - Grandes rencontres - Self Canadian New
Flying Paul
Graham Lindsey - -single- - Trad Head Canadian New
Squid jiggin' ground
Finest Kind - Heart's delight - Fallen Angle Canadian
Keith Murphy - Bound for Canaan - Self Canadian
The whispering woods
Nicholas Williams - The whispering woods - Self Canadian
Reel de Papineauville / Le bon vivant
Frank Cassidy / James Stephens - Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Self Canadian
The river driver
Matthew Byrne - Horizon lines - Borealis Canadian
Wild mountain thyme
The bombadils - New shoes - Borealis Canadian
Quand chus parti du Canada / Grand reel raccourci
Genticorum - Nagez rameurs - Roues et archets Canadian
Stephen Fearing - The assassin's apprentice - True North Canadian
The east pointers - Yours to break - Self Canadian New
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