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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday May 3rd, 2020 with Ed Kingscote
May Thrill? May Chill? Lots of May themed tracks!

Searching for Lambs
Mawkin - The Ties That Bind
Following the Old Oss
Finest Kind - Shore to Shore - Fallen Angle Music Canadian
Maying Song
Bella Hardy - Postcards and Pocketbooks - The Best of Bella Hardy
The First of May, The Last of June
Chris Wood - Lisa
Hal and Tow
Jon Boden - A Folk Song a Day : May
The First of May
Jackie Oates - The Spyglass & The Herringbone
Whapweasel - Colour
May Morning
Wasterson; Carthy - A Dark Light
Ice Cream
Tabbush Sisters - This Close
Tyde - Tyde
l'Air Mignonne
ìmar - Afterlight
Enrico / Iron Legs
Albireo - Binary
Dreams of Tea
Andy May Trio - About Time
Brown Boots - First Steps - May 2020 New
Jautrais Krodzis - Maasland Jig - Latvia and Belgium
Will Pound - A Day Will Come - May 2020 New
The Knitting Reel
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll - Cold Light
Natalie MacMaster - Sketches Canadian
Bees and Flowers / Leo Barry's / Daniel's Harbour Breakdown / Chain / Ladies in the Salt Pound / Advance
Daniel Payne - Chain Canadian
Next Stop- Grimsby / The Three Rascals / Aunt Crisps
Faustus - Faustus
Mikeys / Diggers
James Delarre - Plays New
Interactive CKCU
Great show today, Ed!

12:44 PM, May 3rd, 2020