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Music From The Glen
Sunday February 9th, 2020 with Ed Kingscote

Ron Taylor & Jeff Gillett - Both Shine as One
The New Road to Tynemouth/New Tyne Bridge
Pauline Cato - New Tyne Bridge
Silver Spire
Bedlam - Four Play
Alex Kehler & Nicholas Williams - First Frost Canadian
The Woolen Cap/The Breakwater Boys Breakdown
Tüq - Tüq Canadian
Chemical Worker's Song
Crucible - Crux
The Grey Selkie
Lady Maisery - Mayday
Spirit of the Dance
Tim Van Eyken - New Boots
A Place Called England
The Young 'Uns - Strangers
Wabazi Heaven
John McCusker - Goodnight Ginger
Scarborough's Fair Town
Jackie Oates - Saturnine
Clan Ranald
Laura Risk - The Merry Making Canadian
Gallows Tree
Vicki Swan and Johnny Dyer - Twelve Months & A Day
The Orphan/The Phone Call/The Milliner's Daughter/The Salvation
Kerfuffle - K2
Lamento di Trisano / An Dro in D
Maivish - Sunlight into Blue Canadian
Death and the Maiden Retold
The Imagined Village - The Imagined Village
Jabadaw - Jabadaw
False Foxes
Faustus - Death and Other Animals
The Beggar Man
Malinky - Last Leaves
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