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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 30th, 2019 with Gord Peeling
Canada Day Weekend

Mostly but not entirely an all Canadian show.
For Emily/Pat and Al's/Burnt River
Burghoutk Yarascavitch & Vial - Branches of Silver - self '15 Canadian
Billy In The Low Ground
Graham Townsend - Graham Townsend's House Party - Rodeo '87 [v] Canadian
Paddy O'Brien's/Scatter The Mud/Arthur Darley's
Gerald Trimble - First Flight - Green Linnet '85 [v]
Big John McNeil
Graham Townsend - I Like Don Messer - Banff '69 [v] Canadian
Complainte de la Blanche Biche
Tri Yann - Suite Gallaise - Marzelle '74 [v]
Les filles des forges
Tri Yann - An Naoned - Philips '72 [v]
The Green Fields of America
Paddy Tunney - The Stone Fiddle - Green Linnet '82 [v]
The Bold Fenian Men
Paddy Tunney & Arthur Kearney - Ireland Her Own - Topic '66 [v]
Hillcrest Mine
James Keelaghan - Small Rebellions - Tranquilla Music '89 [v] Canadian
Time & Tide
Coig - Ashlar - self '19 Canadian New
The Woods of Truagh
Matthew Byrne - Horizon Lines - self '17 Canadian
Buttermilk Mary Medley
Howie MacDonald & Ashley MacIsaac - Cape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm - self '04 Canadian
Farmer's Reel/Gatineau Reel/Olive Branch
Danny O'Connell - Green Fields of the Valley - self '03 Canadian
The New Mistress
Arrowsmith: Robb Trio - All The Salt - Fallen Angle Music '18 Canadian
Brown Haired Girl
The Barra MacNeils - On The Bright Side - Barra Music '18 Canadian
James Magee
Andy Irvine - Abocurragh - self '10
Double traversee
Genticorum - Avant l'orage - self '18 Canadian
Alasdair Nan Stop
Miller, MacDonald, Cormier - South Haven - self '18 Canadian
Teddy Regan
Andy Hillhouse - Passages - Friendish '17 Canadian
Qristina Brooke - Linger - self '17 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
Almonte Celtfest is next weekend - a great lineup of local and international performers. Fanaid, The Fitzgeralds, James Keelaghan and much more!

11:55 AM, June 30th, 2019
Gord Peeling (host)
Fanaid will also be playing this Friday night at the Log Drive Cafe.

11:55 AM, June 30th, 2019
Good tunes Gord

12:03 PM, June 30th, 2019
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks Shubham!

12:13 PM, June 30th, 2019
Gord Peeling (host)
Andy Irvine will be in concert at Saint Brigid's Centre For the Arts on Sunday July 21st at 8 pm (doors open at 7:30 pm). For more information and tickets go to This is a rare opportunity to see one of the icons of Irish music - dont' miss it!

12:41 PM, June 30th, 2019