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Music From The Glen
Sunday March 3rd, 2019 with Colin Henein

She put on her headphones
Lau - Midnight and closedown - Reveal New
Seven gypsies
Claire Hastings - Those who roam - Luckenbooth New
The iron bell
Moore Moss Rutter - III - Hudson
Terror time
Solasta - A cure for the curious - Self
Maxwell's light
Fara - Times from times fall - CPL Music
Prince's strand
Breabach - Frenzy of the meeting - Self
Welsh ploughboy
Bird in the belly - The crowing - GFM Records New
Blind beggar of Bethnal Green
Stick in the wheel - Follow them true - From here
Sur la route de San Francisco
Zéphyr Artillerie - Zéphyr Artillerie - Self Canadian
King of the cannibal islands
Kings of the south seas - Kings of the south seas - Self
Prodigal son
Eliza Carthy / Tim Eriksen - Bottle - Navigator
The lyke wake dirge
The young tradition - The young tradition - Transatlantic
The whistling thief / Behind the haystack
Duncan Cameron - The whistling thief - Self Canadian
Willie Murray's
Laura Risk / Nicholas Williams - Demo - Self Canadian
The real reel
Kongero - Bakvända världen - Dimma Sweden
Herr Hillebrand
Skye Consort + Emma Björling - Demo - Self
Ross Ainslie / Ali Hutton - Symbiosis II - Self
Interactive CKCU
good show today Colin! :)

12:56 PM, March 3rd, 2019
Hi can you tell me who was the artists that were singing in one of the last songs you played. It was accapela and sounded like mouth music. Thanks

1:01 PM, March 3rd, 2019
Colin Henein (host)
Thanks Lawrence! Pauline: that was Kongero, who will be playing this Friday at a concert put on by the old sod.

1:04 PM, March 3rd, 2019
Colin Henein (host)
Concerts: March 8: Double-bill of Skye Consort and Emma Björling, then Kongero: March 22: Celtic Rigs, Jeels and Other Madness with Chris Crilly (founder member of BARDE) and guitarist Stewart Burrows. Celtic Music with fiddle, piano, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki and voice. Church of the Ascension, 253 Echo Drive at 7:30pm. March 30: Double-bill of Duncan Cameron, then Laura Risk and Nicholas Williams.

1:10 PM, March 3rd, 2019