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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday December 30th, 2018 with Colin Henein
2018 Retrospective

How quickly the years go by. Today is my retrospective on the many albums we sampled together for the first time in 2018. Along our mostly alphabetical journey, I'll call out my favourite gold star releases [GS] and honourable mentions [HM]. But every album on this list would be a great contender for your collection of traditional music from the British Isles and beyond.
Ross Ainslie / Ali Hutton - Symbiosis II [GS] - Self
The Oban ball
Breabach - Frenzy of the meeting [GS] - Self
Peth mawr ydi Cariad
Calan - DEG | 10 - Sain
Sail on
Connla - The next chapter - Self
Speir thoo the wast wind
Fara - Times from times fall [HM] - Self
The bank of turf / The moving bog
Tommy Fitzharris / Dónal McCague - The bank of turf - Self Canadian
La turlutte de l'asphalteuse
Genticorum - Avant l'Orage [GS] - Self Canadian
Paddy Fahy's reel
Martin Hayes Quartet - The blue room [HM] - 251 records
Ímar - Avalanche [HM] - Big Mann
Jolly Waggoners
Sam Kelly & the Lost boys - Pretty Peggy [HM] - Navigator
Toria's 50th
Kinnaris Quintet - Free one - Self
Ranging the woods
John Kirkpatrick - Coat-tails flying - Fledg'ling
Minuet / Soulèvement / La goulette
Moore Moss Rutter - III - Hudson
Land raiders
James Duncan Mackenzie - Sròmos - Self
Ploughman lads
Rachael McShane & The cartographers - When all is still [GS] - Topic
Iain McGee's
Niteworks - Air fàir an là [GS] - Comann
Over again
Stick in the wheel - Follow them true - From here
Oh no!
Tannahill weavers - Òrach - Compass
Usher's island - Usher's island [HM] - Compass
We have an anchor
Norma Waterson / Eliza Carthy - Anchor - Topic
Willow garden
Lankum - Between the earth and sky - Rough trade
Interactive CKCU
G'Day Colin - maybe it's just me - but in Firefox, the listen live button throws several errors and doesn't play. Fortunately, Safari works

11:49 AM, December 30th, 2018
Colin Henein (host)
Hi Neal, glad you're tuned in! Thanks for the report. The Windows Firefox here in the studio is working OK, but I will test a mac later.

11:52 AM, December 30th, 2018
choice choooooooons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think this might be my favourite show all year!

12:36 PM, December 30th, 2018
Colin Henein (host)
Ed, I know, right? Great records this year.

12:44 PM, December 30th, 2018
Colin Henein (host)
One sobering note going into 2019:

12:58 PM, December 30th, 2018
Hope it isn’t the end of HMV.

1:32 PM, December 30th, 2018