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Music From The Glen
Sunday May 20th, 2018 with Ed Kingscote

Trip to Birmingham/The Poll Booth/Tekeli
Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne - Outway Songster
Country Hirings
Granny's Attic - Off the Land
Alex Kehler & Nicholas Williams - First Frost Canadian
Blowzabella - Vanilla
Kind Friends and Companions
Ron Taylor - Both Shine As One
In Praise of Alcohol
Finest Kind - Heart's Delight Canadian
Drink Old England Dry
False Lights - Harmonograph - Wreckord 2018
Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley - Across the Water
The Pleasant Month of May
Jackie Oates - Hyperboreans
Following the Old 'Oss
Finest Kind - From SHORE to SHORE Canadian
Dancing at Whitsun/The Valentine
Crucible - Love and Money
Barnyard Stomp/Whirling Gerbils
TUQ - TUQ Canadian
Missing the F in C/Shindigo Jig/Burnt River
Jiig - Jiig Canadian
Written on my Skin
Nancy Kerr and The Sweet Visitor Band - Instar
Shut Off the Power and Say Goodbye
Grit Laskin - Unabashedly Folk Canadian
Old Adam
Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party - Old Adam
Clog Jig
Hannah James - Jigdoll
Banish Misfortune & Poll Ha'penny
Birmingham Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - Painted
Interactive CKCU
Ed Kingscote (host)
The Log Drive Cafe Grand Finale - A variety of previous performers. As Maura & Ranald are letting go of the Log Drive Café, they are hosting an evening of previous performers who have been part of its 6-year history. A variety of singers and players will each do one or two songs to finish the season and set the stage for the new Log Drive Café under the management of Chrissy Steinbock. Friday May 25th, 7:30pm, Abbortsford House, $10 at the door.

12:49 PM, May 20th, 2018
Great show this week Ed!

8:48 AM, May 21st, 2018