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Music From The Glen
Sunday January 28th, 2018 with Colin Henein & Ed Kingscote
Genticorum and Ed's warm-up set

Opening the show with a look at Genticorum's records to date, and a sneak peek at their new release. Genticorum will be playing at the Old Sod concert series on March 10. See
Cyclone: Baldaquin / La boite aux jouets / Cyclone
Genticorum - Le Galarneau - Roues et archets Canadian
Les tisserands
Genticorum - Malins plaisirs - Roues et Archets Canadian
Le moine blanc
Genticorum - La bibournoise - Roues et Archets Canadian
Valse des poêles
Genticorum - Nagez rameurs - Roues et Archets Canadian
La chasse
Genticorum - Engistré Live - Self Canadian
Genticorum - Avant l'orage Canadian New
Voici le temps et la saison
Genticorum - Avant l'orage Canadian New
Ed's warm-up set as he will be hosting his own show next week.
The Overstringed Set
Maja & David - Nord - Go Danish 2013 Canadian
Mouse Jigs/Son Ar Rost - Jig for John #1 - The Mouse in the Kitchen
Flook - Haven - Flatfish 2005
Valse Des Cerfs-Volants
Domino - Pris Au Jeu - Self 2003 Canadian
Streets of Forbes
Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley - Across the Water - Haystack 2016
Caw the Yowes
Maz O'Connor - Upon a Stranger Shore - Demon Barber Sounds 2012
Tyde - Tyde - Mrs Casey 2010
Sheepskins Beeswax/Taybank Shenanigans/Superfly
Treacherous Orchestra - Origins - Navigator 2012
You Won't Find Me on Benefits Street
The Young'Uns - Another Man's Ground - Self 2015
Interactive CKCU
Ed Kingscote (host)
March 10: Genticorum

12:13 PM, January 28th, 2018
Ed Kingscote (host)
I described Treacherous Orchestra as pushing the boundaries, and then proceeded to play a track which didn't feel much like it did (at least not for Colin's show - I must have been spending too much time with Mr Peeling on his show!). Funnily enough when I was planning what to play I figured the choice was not too wild - maybe gives you a little insight in to my thought processes!! There are a few tracks on the Origins album that are a bit different, and this set today was really just a warm up towards some things that I'm planning on getting out of my system in my next few shows that should be a bit more crazy.

3:38 PM, January 28th, 2018