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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 3rd, 2017 with Gord Peeling
Songs for a Labour Day weekend

School Days Over
The Young 'Uns - Another Man's Ground - self '15
How We Got Up to the Woods Last Year
Muddy York - Scatter the Ashes - Boot '84 [v] Canadian
Hopping Down in Kent
The Albion Band - The Prospect Before Us - Harvest '76 [v]
The Chemical Worker's Song
Magpie - Working My Life Away - Collector '82 [v]
The Oakey Strike Evictions
The Happy End - Turn Things Upside Down - Cooking Vinyl '90 [v]
The Badger Drive
Stan Rogers - For the Family - Folk Tradition '83 [v] Canadian
My Johnny Was a Shoemaker
The John Renbourn Group - A Maid in Bedlam - Shanachie '77 [v]
Jog Along till Shearing
Gerry Hallom - Travellin' Down The Castlereagh - Fellside '81 [v]
The Workhouse
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - The Call - Fellside '14
I Should Like to be a Policeman
Ian Robb - Jiig - Fallen Angle Music '05 Canadian
Make and Break Harbour
Stan Rogers - Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove '79 [v] Canadian
The Shepherd Lad O'Rhynie
Jane Rothfield & Allan Carr - There & Back - Temple '83 [v]
The White Collar Holler
Stan Rogers - Between the Breaks...Live - Fogarty's Cove [v] Canadian
The Falls of Richmond/Tater Patch/La Bastrange
Jane Rothfield & Allan Carr - There & Back - Temple '83 [v]
The Famous Working Man
Jez Lowe - Briefly On the Street - Fellside [v]
Cod Banging
Bob Hart - Songs From Suffolk - Topic '73 [v]
Black Diamond
Gerry Hallom - A Run a Minute - Fellside [v]
Anthem of a Working Mum
Melrose Quartet - Dominion - self '17 New
The Doffing Mistress
The Irish Country Four - Songs, Ballads & Tunes From Ulster - Topic [v]
Song of the Wheat
Gerry Hallom - Old Australian Ways - Fellside [v]
Delaware Canal
The Johnson Girls - On Deck and Below - self '14
Paddy and the Whale
The Anchormen - Nautical - But Nice! - self
Greenland Whale Fishery
Tim Radford - From Spithead Roads - Forest Tracks
Eggs & Cabbage
The Anchormen - Nautical - But Nice! - self
Interactive CKCU
The Badger Drive rocks

11:38 AM, September 3rd, 2017
Gord Peeling (host)
Folk at the Oak returns next Sunday, September 10th at 2pm at the Royal Oak by Pretoria Bridge. It starts at 2 pm and goes till 4 pm. Free

12:11 PM, September 3rd, 2017
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks Jane - glad you are enjoying the show.

12:12 PM, September 3rd, 2017
No one's gonna fold, bend or mutilate me...

12:22 PM, September 3rd, 2017
Gord Peeling (host)
Anna Ludlow and Tyson Chen are headlining an East Coast Celtic Celebration benefit concert for Faith Lutheran Church, 743 Meadowlands Drive. The concert is September 10th at 4 pm (doors open at 3:45 pm). Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for Kids (12 and under). At 5 pm there will be a Community BBQ with a freewill offering. Info at

12:24 PM, September 3rd, 2017
Gerry Hallom
Gordon, I see over the years you have featured songs of mine. Two you may not be aware of 20 years apart. On The Periphery, and last years Limited Edition. Both of which i could send to you, but need a mailing address. please forward to

3:18 PM, April 12th, 2018