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Music From The Glen
Sunday August 28th, 2016 with Colin Henein
Upbeat traditional songs and tunes to chase away a grey morning

With a grey rainy sky this morning, devoting the program to upbeat music to put you in a sunny mood. However, before getting to that, we start with a track to honour The Tragically Hip, who played their final concert last weekend.
Fiddler's green
The tragically hip - Road apples - MCA Canadian
Upstart / Platform 2
The urban folk quartet - The urban folk quartet - Fellside
Le vent du nord - La part du feu - Borealis Canadian
Reel de la cuisine
La tuque bleue - Temps d'agrément - Self Canadian
Reel circulaire
Genticorum - Nagez rameurs - Roues et Archets Canadian
Les pieds joyeux
Breabach - Astar - Self New
Le ciel se marie avec la mer
Nicolas Pellerin et les grands hurleurs - 3/4 fort - Coyotte Canadian New
I am the fox
Nancy Kerr / James Fagan - Twice reflected sun - Navigator
An cailleach
Salsa Celtica - El camino - Discos León
Lumsden's rant
Back of the moon - Luminosity - Footstompin'
Cassie & Maggie - Sterling road - Self Canadian
Shores of the bay
Poor Angus - Gathering - Borealis Canadian
Sir Reginald
Chrissy Crowley - The departure - Self Canadian
Angus Blaise
Mary Jane Lamond / Wendy MacIsaac - Seinn - turtlemusik Canadian
Nelly was a milkmaid
Blowzabella - Strange news - Self
False knight on the road
Steeleye span - The lark in the morning - Sanctuary
Small coals
Kathryn Tickell - Northumbrian voices - Park
Jason's famous banjo
Peatbog Faeries - What men deserve to lose - Peatbog
Last rider
Seth Lakeman - Word of mouth - Honour oak
New York girls
Bellowhead - Live - Navigator
Interactive CKCU