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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday November 15th, 2015 with Gord Peeling

Chantons pour passe le temps
Les Poules a Colin - Ste-Waves - self '14 Canadian
The Male-Female Highwayman
The Kipper Family - Since Time Immoral - Dambuster '84 (v)
Bald General Coote
The Kipper Family - The Ever Decreasing Circle - Dambuster '85 (v)
The Dashing White Sergeant
John Kirkpatrick & Ashely Hutchings - The Complete Dancing Master - Island '74 (v)
Monk's March
John Kirkpatrick - Plain Capers - Free Reed '76 (v)
Dogs Gone Wild
John Kirkpatrick - Blue Balloon - Squeezer '87 (v)
The Edgmond Men's Souling Song
John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris - A Really High Class Band - Topic '76 (v)
Gavotten Ar Menez
Kornog - On Seven Winds - Green Linnet '85 (v)
End of today's vinyl journey.
Bully In the Alley
Ian Bell - My Pious Friends - self '09 Canadian
Archie Fisher - Electric Eden (various) - Universal '12
On Gosport Beach
The Dollymopps - Wight Cockade - Wild Goose '13
Heaver Her Up and Bust Her
Ian Bell - Forget Me Not When Far Away - self '13 Canadian
The Tin Key
Altan - The Wedding Gyre - Compass '15
The Final Trawl
Emily Smith - Echoes - White Fall '14
La Chasse
Genticorum - Enregistre Live - self '13 Canadian
Stringrays - Stringrays - self '14
Golden Willow
Keith Murphy - Suffer No Loss - self '14
Pad's Song
Dardanelles - The Eastern Light - self '11 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
A heartfelt thank you to all the listeners, friends and family who dialed and donated during our funding drive. MFTG set a new drive record with donations totaling over $4,200 which helped the station meet its target of $135,000. The reward is another year of great music - enjoy!

11:37 AM, November 15th, 2015
Gord Peeling (host)
Ian Bell and Press Gang Mutiny will be in concert on Friday, December 4th at 8 pm at Rosemount Hall, 41 Rosemount Avenue in Ottawa. Tickets ($20) and info at

12:05 PM, November 15th, 2015