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Music From The Glen
Sunday February 1st, 2015 with Colin Henein

Greetings everyone, fighting a cold and sore throat this week, so it's continuous Music from the Glen... 90 minutes of uninterrupted traditional music from the british isles and beyond.
Lakes of cold fen
Mary Humphreys / Anahata - Cold fen - Wild goose
The farmer and the cow
John Kirkpatrick - Make no bones - Fledg'ling
We are three jolly fishermen
Friends of Fiddler's Green - Road to Mandalay - Fallen Angle Canadian
The proposal
Vicki Swan / Jonny Dyer - Red house - Self
As I roved out
Quercus - Quercus - ECM
Glistening fields
Iarla Ó Lionáird - Foxlight - Realworld
Howard Booster's style
Alasdair Fraser / Natalie Haas - Abundance - Culburnie
Super jig set
Frank Maher and the Mahers Bahers - Mahervelous! - Borealis Canadian
Distillery reel
Ian Hutson - Let's celebrate - Self
No. 62
Box club - Box club - Self
Nelly was a milkmaid
Blowzabella - Strange news - Self
How do you do? / Gallons of cognac
Hannah James / Sam Sweeney - State and ancientry - Rootbeat
Gallant hussar
Eliza Carthy and the ratcatchers - Rough music - Topic
Tom Padgett
Spiers & Boden - The works - Navigator
Redesmouth Rd / 27 miles
Kathryn Tickell - Northumbrian voices - Park
James Kelly's / Brendan McGlinchey's / Karen Tweed's
Comas - Comas - Fréa
That was my veil
June Tabor / Oysterband - Ragged kingdom - Topic
Greenwood side
Bellowhead - Reunion - Island
Interactive CKCU
Dale Morland
Thanks for the lovely line-up of beautifully played accordion music this morning, Colin. Wonderful

12:34 PM, February 1st, 2015
Colin Henein (host)
Dale: Thanks for that, glad you're appreciating it. Some great players for sure!

12:44 PM, February 1st, 2015
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