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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday September 14th, 2014 with Colin Henein

The wanderer
Seth Lakeman - Word of mouth - Honour Oak
The mug of brown ale / The tar road to Sligo / Happy to meet and sorry to part
Craobh Rua - I'd understand you if I knew what you meant - Self
Na coireachan: Maighdeannan a' choire Dhuibh / MacShithich / Da thabh air an fharaidh / Fear a' choire
The Cambpbells of Greepe - No. 2 Greepe - Self
Kenny MacEwan's / The oak wood / The long road
Gavin Marwick - The long road and the far horizons - Self
Grannens Favorit / Koukkulammin polkka
Gavin Pennycook - Octave fiddle baritone violin - Self
Katie Cruel
Mist covered mountains - This distant shore - Self New
A pauper and a poet
Josienne Clarke / Ben Walker - Fire and fortune - Navigator
The cornwall apprentice
Nick Wyke / Becki Driscoll - A handful of sky - Wildgoose
Bonny moorhen
Martin and Eliza Carthy - The moral of the elephant - Topic
Ash girl
Emily Portman - Hatchling - Furrow
The Cheshire waltz
Spiers & Boden - The works - Navigator
Man in the moon
The full english - The full english - Topic
Blowzabella - Strange news - Self
The private still
Vicki Swan / Jonny Dyer - Red house - Wetfoot
The Cape Breton medley
Maxim Cormier - 2 - Self Canadian
Scott Skinner's welcome
Troy MacGillivray - Tune poets - Self Canadian
Howard Booster's Style
Alasdair Fraser / Natalie Haas - Abundance - Culburnie
Dolans 6am
Beoga - Live at 10 - Compass
Tempete des glaces
Vishten - Mosaik - Self Canadian
The thistle and the daffodil
Nua - Bold - Self Canadian