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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday March 2nd, 2014 with Colin Henein
St. David's Day / BBC Radio 2 Awards

The chandler's march / Hunting the hare / The tune of blind Ifan
Crasdant - Welsh traditional music - Sain
Mordaith I America
Sian James - Pur - Bos
Death in Ennis / The audient
Allan yn y fan - Pwnco - Steam Pie
Willie of Winsbury
Anaïs Mitchell / Jefferson Hamer - -live peformance- - BBC
The nailmakers' strike (part two)
Phillip Henry / Hannah Martyn - Mynd - Dragonfly
One for Martyn
Aidan O'Rourke - An Tobar - Navigator
Cucanandy / The jug of brown ale
Clannad - Dulaman - Shanachie
Martin Carthy - The essential Martin Carthy - Topic
Died for love
Martin Carthy / Eliza Carthy - -live performance- - BBC
Chasing chinchillas set
Greg Russell / Ciaran Algar - The Queen's lover - Fellside
The Queen's lover
Greg Russell / Ciaran Algar - The Queen's lover - Fellside
Fol the day-o
The full english - The full english - Topic
Man in the moon
The full english - The full english - Topic
Dog and gun
Bella Hardy - Night visiting - Noe
Interactive CKCU
The Phillip Henry / Hannah Marty Nailmakers' Strike is a such intriguing mix of music styles- I wouldn't have predicted that it would work, but I think it really does. The artists did a very good job of identifying and bringing out the similar aspects of the two styles, and getting them to complement each other.

12:08 PM, March 2nd, 2014
Colin Henein (host)
Neville Miller is opening of a new Folk Club in Ottawa at the Royal Oak pub on Echo Drive (Pretoria Bridge) from 2 pm to 4+ pm on the second Sunday afternoon of the month. It will run on the lines of a typical British Folk Club, using a sign-up sheet at the entrance for anyone who wishes to perform. Each person or group of people will have the chance to sing and/or play 2 or 3 songs/tunes (~10 mins). Unlike a Song Circle, there will be no pressure on anyone to perform, listeners are just as welcome. It is hoped that the material will be more traditional or established in nature (ballads, sea shanties, chorus songs, jigs, reels, airs) and can be a solo performance or one encouraging audience participation. The dates are: 9th Mar, 13 Apr, 11th May and 8th.

12:50 PM, March 2nd, 2014
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