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Music From The Glen
Sunday December 8th, 2013 with Colin Henein

Man in the moon
The full english - The full english - Topic New
May morning dew
Éamonn Coyne / Kris Drever - Storymap - Compass New
Yellow coat
Mary Jane Lamond / Wendy MacIsaac - Seinn - Turtlemusik Canadian New
The rambling sailor
Vicky Swan / Jonny Dyer - Red house - Self New
Alice Wylde - Songs of Old Appalachia - Wildgoose New
Blue lung
Maria Dunn - Piece by piece - Self Canadian New
The cheeky goat
The beermats - The traveller - Self New
Merry dancers
Mira - Mira - Self New
Waulking song
Capercaillie - At the heart of it all - Vertical New
Mr. Walker
Eliza Carthy - Wayward Daughter - Topic New
Waly Waly
Martin Simpson - Vagrant stanzas - Topic New
A march and two jigs
Kiérah - Stonemason's daughter - Self Canadian New
Silbury hill
Phillip Henry / Hannah Martin - Mynd - Self New
Granville Island Espresso
Kiérah - Stonemason's daughter - Self Canadian New
Grey funnel line
Ten strings and a goat skin - Corbeau - Self Canadian New
Jaron Freeman-Fox and the opposite of everything - Jaron Freeman-Fox and the opposite of everything - Self Canadian New
Big jigs
Cara - Horizon - Artes New
La finno-gaspésienne
Genticorum - Enregistré live - Self Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Great song from Alice Wylde! Reminds me of some of the work of Sara Grey - very enjoyable.

11:58 AM, December 8th, 2013
Colin Henein (host)
Indeed, this is a really good record of Appalachian tunes, and interesting that it has come out on Wildgoose records from England.

12:12 PM, December 8th, 2013
I like the current tune a lot- not sure where it is on the list but it's got a gaelic chorus. It's got some interesting fusion going on- a blend of gaelic folk + cowboy western elements + a quick burst of jazz in the refrain. Interesting!

12:16 PM, December 8th, 2013
(believe it was the Waulking Song, based on the following track)

12:21 PM, December 8th, 2013
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