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Music From The Glen
Sunday December 4th, 2005 with Colin Henein

Pipe Jigs
Dòchas - An Darna Umhail - macmeanmna
Andrew Carr / Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
Ian Melrose - A Scottish Legacy - alula
Bonnie Jeannie o'Bethelnie
Dick Gaughan - Gaughan - topic
Homer's Reel
Capercaillie - Grace and Pride - survival
The Banks of Sweet Dundee
Andy M. Stewart - Donegal Rain - green linnet
The Cowal Gathering
Battlefield Band - Home is where the van is - self
Rolling Home
Fisher & Rogers - Off the Map - snow goose Canadian
Latex Ceilidh / Little Rubber Reel
Chelsea Bridge - Tatamagouche... Next Left - Unity Canadian
The Banks of the Sweet Primroses
June Tabor - At the wood's heart - topic
Le Bon Vin
Christina Smith / Jean Hewson - August Gale - borealis Canadian
Come me Little Son
Enoch Kent - For the Women Canadian
Tha Mo Bhreacan-sa Fo'n Dile
Mary Jane Lamond - Storrras - turtlemusik Canadian
La Contredanse à Ti-Browne
Michael Jerome Browne - + The Twin Rivers String Band Canadian
The Rambling Sailor
Jiig - Jiig - fallen angle Canadian
La Semaine du Paysan
Le Vent du Nord - Les Amants du St. Laurent - borealis Canadian
Stirling Castle / Belfast Hornpipe
Frank Maher - Mahervelous! - borealis Canadian
Viridam, Sanctam et Nominam
Les Chauffeurs a Pieds - Déjeuner Canadien - scorbut Canadian