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Music From The Glen
Sunday February 5th, 2006 with Gordon Peeling

The Cockies of Bungaree
Peter Bellamy - Fair Annie - Fellside
The Jolly Puddlers
Warren Fahey & The Larrikins - Limejuice & Vinegar - Larrikin New
The Drover's Boy
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Between the Dark and Light - Fellside
Kelly's Farewell
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Between the Dark and Light - Fellside
Song of Artesian Waters
Gerry Hallom - Travellin' Down the Castlereagh - Fellside New
Fair Maid of Australia
Tim Radford - Home from Home - Fallen Angle music
Another Fall of Rain
Dave de Hugard - Freedom on the Wallaby - Larrikin New
Flash Jack from Gundagai
The Bushwackers - So Far ....1974-1994 - EMI
The Bushwackers - So Far.....1974 - Waltzing Matilda New
Andy's Gone With Cattle
Mike & Michelle Jackson - The Roaring Days - Larrikin New
The Free Selector's Daughter
Gerry Hallom - Undiscovered Australia II - Musica Pangaea
Weevils in the Flour
Roy Bailey - Sit Down & Sing - Fuse
The Blooming Queensland Side
Robbie Brock - On The Blooming Queensland Side - Larrikin New
End of the Australian portion of the show
Peggy McGee's
Frank Cassidy & James Stephens - Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Indie Canadian
Les souliers rouges
La Volee d'Castors - Ya monde a messe! - Indie Canadian
Game of All Fours
Kate Rusby - The Girl Who Couldn't Fly - Compass
Les coucous
La Volee d'Castors - Migration - VDC Canadian
McMillan's March
The Brian Pickell Band - Entwined - Indie Canadian
Rag Fair
Peter Bellamy - Fair Annie - Fellside