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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday March 5th, 2006 with Gordon Peeling
Curling Gold

Pony Boy/Never Tire of the Road
Mozaik - Live From the Powerhouse - Mozaik
The Little Pot Stove
Any Old Time - Crossing - Dara
Summer's Coming
Shannon, Garvin, McGoldrick & Murray - Tunes - Compass
The Grey Hawk
Mick Ryan & Pete Harris - Something to Show - Wild Goose
Partie de Quadrille des Verret
La Part du Queteux - C'a l'air d'aller - Mille-pattes Canadian
Fisherman's Blues
Cuillin - Cuillin - Turtlemusik Canadian
Music From Newfoundland
St. John's Mazurka/The Brule Boys in Paris
Any Old Time - Crossing - Dara
The Green Shores of Fogo
Christina Smith & Jean Hewson - August Gale - Borealis Canadian
Uncle John Peter Payne's
Greg T. Brown & Jeremy Keddy - Trees - Prentice Boy Canadian
Coming From the Races
Frank Maher & the Mahers Bahers - Mahervelous! - Borealis Canadian
A Barque in the Harbour
Pamela Morgan - Ancestral Songs - Amber Music Canadian
The Star of Logy Bay
Barry Dransfield - Unruly - Violin Workshop
A Sailor Courted
Keith Murphy - Bound for Canaan - Indie
end of Newfoundland section but on to Nova Scotia influences
Spaghetti Panic
James Ross - James Ross - Greentrax
Shake a Leg
Giveway - Inspired - Greentrax
The Scotia Set
Malinky - the Unseen Hours - Greentrax
My Cape Breton Home
Dordan - Jigs to the Moon - Shanachie
and on to other things including a plug for the Paddy O'Brien concert
The One That Was Lost
Alan & John Kelly - Fourmilehouse - Compass
The Maid of Mount Cisco
Arcady - Many Happy Returns - Shanachie