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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday May 7th, 2006 with Gordon Peeling

Farewell to St. Kilda
The Whistlebinkies - Albannach - Greentrax
Willie Goggin
The Demon Barbers - Uncut - DJC Records
Grumbling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman
Mike Stevens - The World Is Only Air - Borealis Canadian
Annan Water
Nic Jones - Never the Same (various) - Honest Jon's
Cuckoo's Nest
Spiers & Boden - Tunes - Fellside
Bleacher Lassie O Kelvinhaugh
Dick Gaughan - Lucky for Some - Greentrax
La Volee D'Castors - Y a du monde a messe! - La Facture Canadian
Fiain na Sleibhte
Mary Murphy - A Painted Moon - indie Canadian
The Good Ship Kangaroo
Planxty - Live 2004 - Columbia
Bohola - Bohola 4 - Shanachie
The Knock on the Door
John Kirkpatrick & Chris Parkinson - Sultans of Squeeze - Fledg'ling
Last of the Great Whales
Greenwich Meantime - Greenwich Meantime - Indie Canadian
Elizabeth Kelly's Delight
Paddy Glackin & M. O'Domhnaill - Reprise - Gael-Linn
Farewell Lovely Nancy
Waterson:Carthy - Fishes and fine yellow sand - Topic
George Till's No. 2
Waterson:Carthy - Fishes and fine yellow sand - Topic
George Collins
Tim Radford - Home From Home - Fallen Angle Music Canadian
The Cobblers Hornpipe
Terry McKenna - Throwe the House Out The Windowe - Marquis Canadian