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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday July 16th, 2006 with Colin Henein

Barb & Muriel's Waltz
Bruce Wilson - From the Heart - self Canadian
The new (twin) fiddle
Alexis MacIsaac - Inspired - self Canadian
Trad. Jig in E / Dynamite Reel
Kyle Felhaver and Friends w/ Cdn Champ. Stepdancers - Kitchen Party - self Canadian
Henry McDermott Roe
Pat Kilbride - Nightingale Lane - Temple
Intro: Female Rambling Sailor
Jiig - Live at the National - MFTG Canadian
Female Rambling Sailor
Jiig - Library Nov 12/05 - MFTG Canadian
Grappa Groove
Buílle - Buílle [Boo/ill/ya] - Vertical
John McSherry / Donal O'Connor - Tripswitch - Vertical New
The stoney brook
Nicholas Williams - The whispering woods - self Canadian New
Ely Parker / Miss Martin's Wedding / The Primrose Lassies / Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington
Battlefield Band - The road of tears - Temple
Young Alvin
Tim van Eyken - Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves - Topic New
Wearin' the britches
Pauline Scanlon - Hush - Compass New
Baby Bonus Song
Joan Morrissey - Newfoundland Gold - Heritage Canadian
Limerick Lassies Set
Cherish the Ladies - At Home - BMG
Ud the Doudouk
Martyn Bennett - Bothy Culture - Ryko
The William Wallace Set
JP Cormier - Looking Back v2 The Instrumentals - self Canadian
Nine Stone Rig
Back of the Moon - Luminosity - foot stompin