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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday August 6th, 2006 with Gordon Peeling

The Conundrum Set
Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band - Terra Incognita - Greentrax
The Grey Funnel Line
The Tabbush Sisters - This Close - Reiver
Barbry Allen
Steve Tilston - Of Many Hands - ADA
Fanny Blair
Steve Jordan - The Trees Scarce Green - Forest Tracks
Bonny Cate
Cross o' the Hands - Saint Monday - self
Les Barker - Nowt So Funny As Folk (various) - ADA
Ten Thousand Miles
The Tabbush Sisters - This Close - Reiver
Geronimo's Cadillac
Pippa Hall & John Henderson - Then.... - self Canadian
Different Drum
Dick Gaughan - Lucky For Some - Greentrax
Crooked Jack
Bodega - Bodega - Greentrax
Le Reel a Bastien
La Volee d'Castors - Ya du monde a messe! - self Canadian
Piob Mor
Greenwich Meantime - Greenwich Meantime - self Canadian
The Walls of Liscarroll
Deborah Quigley - Deborah Quigley with Martin Gould - self Canadian
Cha Till
Donnie Munro - Heart of America - Greentrax
The Blackbird
Matt & Shannon Heaton - Blue Skies Above - Eatsrecords
Cutty Sark
Orealis - Night Visions - self Canadian
Kettle's On
Kettle's On - Parcel From Home - self Canadian
Dadl Dau
Ar Log - IV & V - Sain
Ruby's Birthday
Gerry O'Connor - No Place Like Home - self