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Music From The Glen
Sunday January 7th, 2007 with Gordon Peeling
Favourite releases of 2006

Rigs of the Time
Bellowhead - Burlesque - Westpark
Smeorach Chiann Domhniall
Bodega - Bodega - Greentrax
J'ai fait une maitresse
Nicolas Boulerice & Olivier Demers - Un peu d'ci un peu d'ca - Roues et Archets Canadian
Steve Byrne - Songs From Home - Greentrax
Death of Queen Jane
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Straws in the Wind - Topic
The Creel
The Demon Barbers - Waxed - DJC Records
Long Lankin
The Devil's Interval - Blood & Honey - Wild Goose
Shoals of Herring
Ecosse - The Auld Alliance - Glenashdale Music Canadian
Last of the Great Whales
Greenwich Meantime - Greenwich Meantime - self Canadian
Flanders Shore
Nic Jones - Game Set Match - Topic
Jack Haggerty
James Keelaghan - A Few Simple Verses - Jericho Beach Canadian
O Luaidh (O My Dearest Darling)
Kathleen MacInnes - Summer Dawn - Greentrax
Volcanic Jig
Natalie MacMaster - Yours Truly - Foreign Media Canadian
C'est au palais du roi
Matapat - Que de peine et d'amour - Intermede Canadian
Luadh an Toraidh
Karen Matheson - Downriver - Compass
Lady Montgomery
Teada - Inne Amarach - Compass
Gypsy Maid
Tim Van Eyken - Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves - Topic
Wendel's Wedding
The Whistlebinkies - Albannach - Greentrax
Coming Rain
Nicholas Williams - The Whispering Woods - self Canadian