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Music From The Glen
Sunday January 21st, 2007 with Gordon Peeling

Banks of the Nile
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Daybreak - Compass
Farewell to the Place
Ishbel MacAskill - Celtic Women From Scotland (various) - Greentrax
Cavan Potholes
Sharon Shannon & Big Band - Live at Dolan's - Daisy
The Fair Maid of Barra/Pier 21
Cowboy Celtic - Gunsmoke, Whiskey & Heather - Centrefire Canadian
Reel du Voyageur
L'Anche a Deux Cordes - L'Anche a Deux Cordes - self Canadian
Miss Campbell Set
Ceilidh Minogue - Ceilidh Minogue - Greentrax
Tommy Coen's Memories
Donal Clancy - Close to Home - Compass
Oganaich Uir a Rinn M'Fhagail
Julie Fowlis - As My Heart Is - Macmeanmna
John's Reel
Matt Pepin - Pass it Down - self Canadian
The Bookie's Jig
Mike Katz - A Month of Sundays - Temple
Mauvais Sort - Koru - self Canadian
River of Gems
Davy Spillane - The Sea of Dreams - coverte
The Braes of Lochiel
Alyth McCormack - Celtic Women From Scotland (various) - Greentrax
Lady in the Dark
Terry McKenna - Throw the House Out of the Windowe - Marquis Canadian
Filska - A Thousand Miles Away - Foot Stompin'
Bonny Baby Kate
Emily Smith - A Different Life - White Fall
Crowfoot - As the Crow Flies - Lunar Canoe Canadian
Keith Murphy - Bound for Canaan - self
The P'tit Cordonnier
Les Chaufferus a Pieds - Dejeuner Canadien - Scorbut Canadian