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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday March 11th, 2007 with Gordon Peeling
International Woman's Day

Cumha an Ghra
Niamh Parsons - The Old Simplicity - Green Linnet
Forneith House
Abby Newton - Castles, Kird and Caves - Redwing
Wind and Rain
Crooked Still - Shaken by a Low Sound - True North
Flea as a Bird
Natalie MacMaster - Yours Truly - Foreign Media Canadian
The Demon Lover
Pauline Scanlon - Hush - Compass
The Ronan Boys
Liz Carroll & John Doyle - In Play - Compass
The Blighted Lover
Catherine Crowe - Collected - self Canadian
Goose Cove
Brenda Stubbert - Celtic Colours V. X (various) - Odyssey Canadian
Lord Franklin
Connie Dover - The Border of Heaven - Taylor Park
The Bungee Jumpers
Sharon Shannon & Big Band - Live at Dolans - Daisy
My Love's On the High Sea
Julie Fowlis - As My Heart Is - Macmeanma
It Fell About the Martinmas
Emily Smith - Emily Smith - White Fall
Language of the Gael
Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Celtic Women From Scotland (various) - Greentrax
Cruel Sister
Rachel Unthank - Cruel Sister - Rabble Rouser
End of women's feature
Dougal Adams & Ormonde Waters - The Good Ear - self
Bold Jack Donohue
Danny Spooner - Australia: Our Land Our Music (various) - EMI
Flying Pieman
The Bushwackers Band - Dance Album - Avenue
Ginny on the Moor
Warren Fahey - A Panorama of Bush Songs - ABC
Valse Lorna
Matapat - Que de peine et d'amour - Intermede Canadian