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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday June 3rd, 2007 with Colin Henein

Brochan Lom
Christina Stewart - Bairn's Kist - Care and Learning Alliance New
Kathryn Tickell / Corrina Hewat - The sky didn't fall - Park
Beoga - Mischief - Compass New
Baile Uí Laoi
MacDara - The love token - self New
Tom McConville - Tommy on the Bridge - Tomcat New
Rhona's Waltz, Donna's Waltz
Iain Anderson - Silver Strings - Highlander
Pheasant Feathers
Maire Ni Chathasaigh - FireWire - Old Bridge New
Hùg air a' Bhonaid Mhòir
Julie Fowlis - Cuilidh - Shoeshine New
Reel du crépuscule / La galope du quêteux / Le draveur
La part du Quêteux - Paye la traite - Roues et Archets Canadian New
Coope, Boyes and Simpson back up Chumbawamba on their latest release. I thought we'd put the music in context with their big radio hit before playing their cover of Bankrobber. Although Bankrobber fits well in a traditional context, it was originally performed by the Clash so I thought we'd take a listen to that too.
Chumbawamba - Tub Thumper - EMI
Chumbawamba - A singsong and a scrap - AK Press New
The Clash - Clash on Broadway - Epic
Waltzing Matilda
Jenny M. Thomas - Farewell to old england forever - Self New
Please be Peter tonight
Cara - In between times - Artes New
A scottish tale of Purim
Shelley Posen - Menorah - Well Done Canadian New
Angels to the light
Shelley Posen - Menorah - Well Done Canadian New
The collier laddies wife
Billy Mitchell / Bob Fox - 5 star B&B - Self New
Cooler at the edge
Gráda - Cloudy day navigation - Compass New