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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday October 21st, 2007 with Colin Henein & Gord Peeling
Week 1 of Funding Drive

Reel du Pendu
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Steely Water - Fellside
The Green Bushes
Nightingale - Three - self
Oran a Mhagarine
Daimh - Crossing Point - Greentrax New
Ali Bally Bee
Christina Stewart - Live in the studio - "live"
Bodachan a Gharaidh
Christina Stewart - Bairn's Kist - Care & Learning Alliance
Farewell He
Craig Morgan Robson - Peppers & Tomatoes - Reiver
The New Reel
Jaime RT & Andy Hillshouse - Spark - self Canadian
Hommage a Marcel Lecours
Frank Sears - L'Arch a Deux Cordes - self Canadian
Polly Vaughn
Jim Causley - Lost Love Found - Wild Goose New