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Music From The Glen
Sunday March 9th, 2008 with Colin Henein
Irish finds

Focus on five albums brought home from Claddagh Records in Dublin. Each track from a new album is followed by two tracks picked because I thought the styles were similar or complementary.
Spry Slides
Slide - Overneath - Self
The rambling Irishman / Plevin jig
Comas - Comas - Frea
Midnight in Avilés
Lúnasa - Sé - Compass
John Egan's / The bog carrot reel / The broken windscreen
Diarmuid O'Brien - Cairde Cairdín - Self
The tenpenny piece / Comb your hair and curl it / Lary McDonagh's
Téada - Inné Amárach - Gael Linn
Síle Ní Ghadhra
Niamh de Búrca - Where your heart lies - Gael Linn
McFadden's handsome daughter set
Matt Molloy / John Carty / Arty McGlynn - Pathway to the well - Racket
Wrong foot forward
Flook - Haven - Flatfish
The whispering woods
Nicholas Williams - The whispering woods - Self Canadian
Farewell to Tarwathie
Éilís Kennedy - One sweet kiss - Self
Isle of Malachy
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Daybreak - Compass
Wher'er you walk
Barry Dransfield - Unruly - Violin Workshop
Albyn's journey / London winter / The snowy reels
Edel Sullivan - In the time of - Self
Huey Travers' / The Reprobate
Jiig - Live at the National Library 12 Nov 2005 - MFTG Canadian
Le reel aux pommes / Le faux ton / La Pascaline
Claude Methé - L'Amant Confesseur - Roues et Archets Canadian
Stopped clock walk
Fig for a kiss - Fallen leaf - Self Canadian