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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday July 20th, 2008 with Gord Peeling

They Took You From Me
Margaret Stewart - Along the Road Less Traveled - Greentrax
The Ballad of Rennardine
Mozaik - Changing Trains - Compass
Tamsyn's Polka
Pierre Schryer - Melange - New Canadian Canadian New
Da Scalloway Lasses
Ian Hardie - Westringing - self
Enoch Kent - One More Round - Borealis Canadian New
Blind Mary
Suzie Burke & David Surette - When the Small Birds Sweetly Sing - Madrina New
Tirez, Salvez
Serre L'ecoute - Fortunes et Perditions - Scorbut Canadian
King Karl's Marsch
Aly Bain & Ale Moller - Beyond the Stacks - NorthSide
Sweet England
Jim Moray - Sweet England - Niblick as a Giraffe
Flowers of Bermuda
Sarah Burnell Band - Return Ticket - self Canadian New
A Lovely Madness
Beoga - A Lovely Madness - Compass
The Sligo Maid
Celtic Fiddle Festival - Equinoxe - Loftus New
Wearin' the Britches
Pauline Scanlon - Hush - Compass
Jack Common's Anthem
Jez Lowe - Folk Awards 2008 (various) - Proper
Are We Alright
Show of Hands - Folk Awards 2008 (various) - Proper
St. Laurent Breakdown
Ryan D'Aoust - York Boats & Legends - Arbor Canadian
Homer's Reel
One String Loose - Folk Awards 2008 (various) - Proper
The Bonny Labouring Boy
Jackie Oates - The Violet Hour - Chudleigh Roots New
Mary Ann Blades
Rodney & Elvie Miller - Spyglass Waltzes - Brimstone Corner
La cescente aux enfers
Les Chauffeurs a Pieds - V: Aux Studios des Trois Lits - Scorbut Canadian