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Music From The Glen
Sunday August 31st, 2008 with Colin Henein
Labour Day

Farmhands and masters
Kerr Fagan Harbron - Station House - Fellside New
The molecatcher
Issy and David Emeny - Legends + Lovers - Wildgoose
Le pont du diable
Mauvais Sort - Koru - self Canadian
Shepherd's song
Dr. Faustus - Wager - Fellside
Three day millionaire
Watersons - For pence and spicy ale - Topic
Les trois maçons jolis
Gabriel Yacoub - La chanson traditionnelle: Travaux et métiers [Various] - EPM
Six jolly miners
Doug Eunson / Sarah Matthews - Proper swell - Coth
Coal not dole
Men of the deeps - Coal fire in winter - Self Canadian
Remembrance Day 1992 / Coal not dole
Coope, Boyes and Simpson - Funny old world - No masters
No more fish, no fishermen
Shelley Posen - The old songs' home - Well done Canadian
On board a '98
Peter Bellamy - [live recording] - Unreleased
The shipbuilding song
Brown Ale - Windsniffer and other assorted legends - Self Canadian
Martin Carthy / Dave Swarbrick - Straws in the wind - Topic
Cold coasts of iceland / Three ships
Coope, Boyes and Simpson - Twenty-four seven - No masters
Les Raftsmen
Deux saisons - La grande virée - Self Canadian
Hard on the beach oar
Johnny Collins - Shanties & songs of the sea - Grasmere
All in a day
Bob Fox - The blast - Topic
All used up
Utah Phillips - The telling takes me home - Philo
The chemical worker's song
Great big sea - Up - WEA Canadian
Les tisserands
Genticorum - Malins Plaisirs - Roues et Archets Canadian
Men o' worth
Archie Fisher - Will ye gang love - Green Linnet
Sailor's life
Martin Carthy - Second album - Topic