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Music From The Glen
Sunday December 14th, 2008 with Colin Henein

Home by bearna
The Cottars - Forerunner - Rounder
House Jigs
Éamonn Coyne / Kris Drever - Honk Toot Suite - Compass
Go to town
Last Orders - Last orders - Fellside
Rolling home
Freshwater Trade - Well-remembered shore - Self Canadian
Where my heart lives
Billy Mitchell / Bob Fox - B&B - Self
The tide coming in / The Beehive
Kerr Fagan Harbron - Station House - Fellside
How firm a foundation
Maddy Prior / Carnival Band - Sing lustily and with good courage - Park
On christmas day
Spiers & Boden - Songs - Fellside
Come all you worthy christians
Martin and Shan Graebe - Dusty Diamonds - Wildgoose New
The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner
John D. Huston - Feasts and Spirits - Fallen Angle Canadian
While shepherds watch their flocks by night
Finest Kind - Feasts and Spirits - Fallen Angle Canadian
Jogging along with my reindeer
John Kirkpatrick - Carolling and Crumpets - Fledg'ling Records
The holly bears the crown
The Young Tradition / Shirley & Dolly Collins - The holly bears the crown - Fledg'ling Records
The three harks
Coope, Boyes and Simpson - A Garland of Carols - No Masters
Kilmore carol
The Voice Squad - Many's the foolish youth - Tara
Winter's comin' on
Allison Lupton - Fly like swallows - Self
Reel de pontmain
Aveladeen - Bélénos - Self Canadian New
The reprobate
Shane Cook / Troy McGillivray - When here meets there - Self Canadian New