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Music From The Glen
Sunday January 18th, 2009 with Gord Peeling
2008 Top Picks Pt. 1

Jimmy Leg Set
Burning Bridget Cleary - Everything Is Alright - self New
Black is the Colour
Karen Casey - Ships in the Forest - Compass
Collier Lad
Crucible - Love & Money - Fellside
Maeve Donnelly - Flame on the Banks - self New
Mark Dunlop - Islands on the Moon - Greentrax
Ballina Whalers
Faustus - Faustus - Navigator New
Les Culottes de V'lour
Genticorum - La Bibournoise - Roues et Archets Canadian
Request Stop
Kerr, Fagan & Harbron - Station House - Fellside
Familiar FAces
Jeanna Leslie & Siobhan Miller - In a Bleeze - Greentrax
Ward Allen's Two-step
Troy MacGillivray & Shane Cook - When Here Meets There - self Canadian
Mary McPartlan - Petticoat Loose - self
Botany Bay
Mawkin Causley - Cold Ruin - Navigator New
Rufford Park Poachers
Jim Moray - Low Culture - NIAG New
Richie's Lady
Jackie Oates - The Violet Hour - Chudleigh Roots
Mary Rogers
Mozaik - Changing Trains - Compass
The Birks of Invernay
Karine Polwart - The Fairest Floo'er - Hegri
St. Joseph Island Jig
Pierre Schryer - Melange - New Canadian Canadian