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Music From The Glen
Sunday February 15th, 2009 with Gord Peeling
Commemorating Colin & Jen's Wedding

Old Whitby Harbour
Martyn Wyndham-Read - Jackeroo - Wynding Rd
Cameron's Caper
Alasdair Fraser and N. Haas - In the Moment - Culburnie
Vot' Cotillon Branle
Les Chauffeurs a Pieds - 6 - Scorbut Canadian
The Miller and The Lass
Keith Kendrick and Lynne Heraud - Stars in my Crown - Wild Goose
Reveillons - Malbrough N'est Pas Mort - Roues et Archets Canadian
The Long (Long) Note
Deiseal - The Long Long Note - Starc
Jim Moray - Low Culture - NIAG
To commemorate Jen and Colin's wedding.
Jenny's Wedding
Paddy Keenan - Na Keen Affair - Hot Conya
Sweet Jenny of the Moor
Tony Rose - Landmarks (var) - Fellside
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
Ken Perlman - Island Boy - Wizmak Canadian
Dave Webber and Anni Feutman - Away From It All - Old and New Trad
Lady of Autumn
Beggars Velvet - Lady of Autumn - Old and New Trad
The First Time Ever I saw Your Face
Sharon Shannon - Renegade - The Daisy Label
Wish I Could Write a Love Song
Danny Spooner - Years of Spooner - Self
Star of Belle Isle
Archie Fisher - Windward Away - Red House
Johnny's Tune
Paddy Kennan - Live from the KCT - KCT
End of tune set in honour of Jen and Colin's wedding.
Tony McManus - The Maker's Mark - Compass
Andreas Polka
Darren Lavallee - Le Metis - Sunshine Canadian
Freeborn Man
Lau - Lightweights and Gentlemen - Reveal
Silky Seal Woman
Mary Murphy - Thirty Waves Out - Self Canadian