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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday April 19th, 2009 with Colin Henein
English Labels

In honour of Thursday's upcoming celebration of St. George's day, we look at the music of three English labels that come immediately to mind when I think of English traditional music: Wildgoose, Fellside and Topic.
Leaves of life
The devil's interval - Blood & Honey - Wildgoose
The coast of Peru
Keith Kendrick - Songs from the Derbyshire coast - Wildgoose
The victory
Jack Crawford - Pride of the season - Wildgoose
All in a garden green / Horses Bransle
The Askew Sisters - All in a garden green - Wildgoose
My coffin shall be black
Martin & Shan Graebe - Dusty diamonds - Wildgoose
The innocent hare
The Young Tradition - The Young Tradition - Transatlantic
The warlike lads of russia
Nic Jones - Flash Company - Fellside
Doodle let me go
Jolly Jack - Flash Company - Fellside
The parson & the clerk
Roy Harris - Flash Company - Fellside
Spiers & Boden - Tunes - Fellside
The wayworn traveller
Swan Arcade - Flash Company - Fellside
A pound a week rise
John Doyle - Double Play - Compass New
St. George
Waterson:Carthy - Holy heathens and the old green man - Topic
Trooper cut down
Bob Fox - The Blast - Topic
The old garden gate
June Tabor - Apples - Topic
Kit's tune / When a knight won his spurs
Martin Simpson - Prodigal son - Topic
Balancey Straw / Seventeen Come Sunday / Whitefriar's Hornpipe
Waterson:Carthy - A dark light - Topic