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Music From The Glen
Sunday May 31st, 2009 with Colin Henein
Club folk

Reel St. Jean / Reel a Ti-Mé
Matt Pepin - Pass it down - Self Canadian
The catalpa
The green fields of america - The green fields of america - Compass New
The fenian march / The rising
Frank Cassidy / James Stephens - Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Self Canadian
Sailor laddie
Maggie Sand and Sandragon - Susie Fair - Wild goose New
The women's song
Mick Ryan - The navvy's wife - Wildgoose New
Don't forget
Mick Ryan - The navvy's wife - Wild goose New
Les trois soeurs de Camperville
Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk - Oméigwessi Reel Metis - Self Canadian
The hawk and the crow
Sean Doyle - The light and the half-light - Compass
De Bouchard à Richard
Reveillons! - Malbrough n'est pas mort - Roues et Archets Canadian
Sweet torment
Strung - Band of gypsies - Self Canadian New
A sampling of so-called "club folk" follows, in which traditional music plays a role in creating a beat-heavy dance ambiance.
Wired to the moon
Michael McGoldrick - Wired - Compass
Tongues of Kali
Martyn Bennett - Bothy Culture - Rykodisc
Ya Llegó
Salsa Celtica - El camino - Discos Leon
Delhi 2 Dublin - Delhi 2 Dublin - Self Canadian New
Afro Celt Sound System - Volume 2: Release - Realworld
Scots on the rocks
Peatbog Faeries - Croftwork - Self