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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 1st, 2013 with Colin Henein
Labour Day

All the selections today are in honour of labour day... songs of work!
When I first came to this land
Pete Seeger - American Favourite Ballads - Smithsonian
La semaine du paysan
Le vent du nord - Les amants du Saint-Laurent - Borealis Canadian
The first surveyor
Gerry Hallom - Flash Company [VA] - Fellside
Pound a week rise
Gaughan - Gaughan - Topic
The Herring Girl
Bella Hardy - Songs lost and stolen - Navigator
Flower picker's song
Nancy Kerr / James Fagan - Twice reflected sun - Navigator
Patriotic diggers
John Allison - The little red box of protest songs [VA] - Proper
Midlothian mining song
2duos - Until the cows come home - Artes
One miner's life
Bob Fox - The blast - Topic
Sweep! Chimney-sweep!
Copper Family - Come write me down - Topic
Shoals of herring
Écosse - The auld alliance - Self Canadian
No more fish, no fishermen
Shelley Posen - The old songs' home - Well done Canadian
Cold coasts of iceland / Three ships
Coope Boyes and Simpson - Twenty-four seven - No masters
The rose in June
Jiig - Jiig - Fallen Angle Canadian
Shepherd of the downs
Peter Bellamy / - Wake the vaulted echoes - Free Reed
Harvest Gypsies
Kris Drever - Black water - Reveal
Farmhands and masters
Kerr Fagan Harbron - Station house - Fellside
Interactive CKCU
Chris White (host)
Very funny comment about the Walmart ad, Colin. Mary and I are having a good chuckle!

12:48 PM, September 1st, 2013
Colin Henein (host)
Thanks, Chris, I likely would have skipped that ad today, Walmart not having a great labour reputation... Not sure how they would fare today in protest songs...

12:55 PM, September 1st, 2013
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