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Music From The Glen
Sunday April 18th, 2010 with Colin Henein

Pigeon on the gate / Miss Monaghan
Jean Carignan - Archives - CMC/Tout Crin Canadian
Le reel de l'harmonica (Reel de Rimouski)
Aldor Morin - Classic Canadian songs [VA] - Smithsonian Folkways Canadian
The rambles of Kitty
John McSherry - Soma - Compass New
One for Martyn
Aidan O'Rourke - An Tobar - Navigator
Hi for the Beggarman
Evans & Doherty - Sailors on the asphalt sea - Self Canadian
The auld beggarman
June Tabor - Apples - Topic
Organaich an or-Fhuilt Bhuidhe/Am Braighe
The Rankin family - Endless Seasons - EMI Canadian
Beau rossignol sauvage
Nightingale - Jolie - Self
Fiddler around the fairy tree / The black rogue / Three little drummers
Becky Tracy - Evergreen - Black Isle
Before the storm / The black rogue
Liz Carroll / John Doyle - Double Play - Compass
Twa Stewarts
Lau - Lightweights & gentlemen - Reveal
Pretty Polly
John Hammond - People Take Warning [VA] - Tompkins Square
Lowlands Low
Bryan Ferry / Antony - Rogue's gallery [VA] - Anti
One april morning
Louis Killen - The Rose in June - Old and new tradition
Lisa Knapp - Wild and Undaunted - Ear to the ground
Reel St-Jean / Reel a Ti-Mé
Matt Pepin - Pass it down - Self
The bog of allen / Eanach Dhúin / Bill the weaver's
Téada - Music and memory - Compass New
Rakish Paddy set
The Dardanelles - The Dardanelles - Self Canadian