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Music From The Glen
Sunday December 2nd, 2012 with Gord Peeling
Local Performers

Part 2 of a retrospective look at local performers and their releases over the last 20+ years. Today we cover performers from H to S.
Roll the Old Chariot
Pippa Hall & John Henderson - Then ...'Til Now - self '05 Canadian
I Should Like To Be a Policeman
Jiig - Jiig - Fallen Angle Music '05 Canadian
Sean Ui Dhuibhir
Don Kavanagh - A Dubliner & His Harmonica - self '98 Canadian
Barn Dance
Don Kavanagh, Nathan Curry & Linda Miller - The Long and Short of It - self '01 Canadian
Apples In Winter
Denis Lanctot - For the Love of Tara - self '97 Canadian
The Raftsman's Polka
The McGee Band - Thomas D'Arcy McGee - self '05 Canadian
Dance To Your Daddy
Linda Miller - Hearts at Rest - Canal Records '97 Canadian
Far Away/Old Madeira
The Old Sod Band - Grass Roots - Fallen Angle Music '01 Canadian
Trimdon Grange Disaster
David Parry - "E Liked It All" - CBC/Live Canadian
The Atavist
David Parry - The Man From Eldorado - Bonanza Creek '93 Canadian
The Road to Kingston
Matt Pepin - Pass It Down - self '06 Canadian
Far Far Away in Australia
Shelley Posen - The Old Song's Home - Well Done Music '03 Canadian
Ashoken Farewell
The Righteous Few - Fiddler's Flush - self '05 Canadian
A-Roving On a Winter's Night
Ian Robb - From Different Angels - Fallen Angle Music '94 Canadian
Save Your Money While You're Young
Margaret Christl & Ian Robb - The Barley Grain For Me - Folk-Legacy '76/'98 Canadian
The Banks of Red Roses
Ian Robb & Hang the Piper - Ian Robb & Hang the Piper - Folk-Legacy 79/02 Canadian
Celtiabilly Set
Sabotabby - Celtibilly - self '00 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
Part 2 of a retrospective look at local Ottawa performers and their releases over the last 20+ years.

11:39 AM, December 2nd, 2012
Ian Clark
80% of A-S was recorded by the same fella - James Stephens!

1:44 PM, December 2nd, 2012
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