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An Indian Morning
Sunday May 22nd, 2022 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
An Indian Morning, celebrating and seeking the spirit of India thru sounds, stories, music & songs.

Every Sunday morning, even before the sun rises, I wonder what shall I bring to you today on An Indian Morning? So many thoughts go through the mind, some whispered, other silent images start forming in my mind as if an artist is making sketches, sound start floating as if a musician is tuning his sitar, movements appear, and I see a dancer tying her ghungroo. Just then, a bird sings and drinks the dew on the flower and then all the sounds and images, colors, and the strokes merge into vision. And I began to pour ardhya, and I invite you to sit under a tree and spend and Indian Morning with me.. A-DR DEHEJIA’S MISC-20220522 30:51 01-KHUDA BHI TU RAHBAR BHI TU 02-DHIN TANA NA DHERE NA; TARANA 03-HOON CHHABI BANI GAYO; SAMMOHAN; NITIN MUKESH; KISHORE DESAI; KAMLESH SONAWALA B-ANNOUNCEMENTS MISC-20220522 12:50 BACKGROUND MUSIC; INSTRUMENTAL-RAAG BILASHKANI TODI आज 22 मई रविवार का दिन है, आप की ज़िन्दगी का एक और नया दिन। आप सभी को किशोर सम्पट का प्यार भरा नमस्कार | आइये सुनते है एक भजन दो भारत रत्न की आवाज़ में - भारत रत्न पंडित भीमसेन जोशी और स्वर साम्राज्ञी भारत रत्न लता मंगेशकर,, 01-RAM KA GUNGAAN KARIYE CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#01 5:09 RAM SHYAM GUNGAAN; PANDIT BHIMSEN JOSHI, LATA MANGESHKAR; SHRINIVAS KHALE, ANIL MOHILE; PANDIT NARENDRA SHARMA We bring you a MEDLEY of Dev Anand and S D Burman. S. D. Burman made 9 different singers sing for Dev Anand in different movies. 1. VIDYA-1948; MUKESH 2. JAAL-1952; HEMANT KUMAR 3. TAXI DRIVER-1954; TALAT MAHMOOD 4. TAXI DRIVER-1954; JAGMOHAN BAKSHI 5. MUNIMJI-1955; KISHORE KUMAR 6. MANZIL-1960; MANNA DEY 7. TERE GHAR KE SAMNE-1963; MOHAMMAD RAFI 8. JEWEL THIEF-1967; BHUPINDER SINGH 9. GUIDE-1964; S. D. BURMAN Enjoy… 02-DEV ANAND & S D BURMAN MEDLEY CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#02 6:52 MEDLEY-2020; VARIOUS ARTISTS; S. D. BURMAN; COMPILED BY TIRATH SHAH “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” And many artists have sung about this feature. Nevertheless, always a class when sung by Jagjit Singh. प्रस्तुत है "बहोत ख़ूबसूरत है आँखें तुम्हारी" फिल्म "वध" से | इसे गाय है ग़ज़ल सम्राट जगजीत सिंह ने, निदा फ़ाज़ली के शब्दों को संगीत से परोसा है विशाल-शेखर ने | 03-BAHOT KHUBSOORAT HAI AANKHEN TUMHARI CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#03 5:16 VADH-2002; JAGJIT SINGH; VISHAL-SHEKHAR; NIDA FAZLI We bring you one of the rarest / most beautiful song in the history of Indian Cinema. MERI JAAN, MUJHE JAAN NA KAHO, MERI JAAN This evergreen song is also remembered as one of the last recordings of singer Geeta Dutt, who was going through a rough phase in her personal life following the death of her husband Guru Dutt. Kanu Roy recorded two more songs in Geeta Dutt’s voice for Anubhav – Koi Chupke Se Aake and Mera Dil Jo Mera Hota, both songs filmed on Tanuja are just amazing. Ironically she passed away six months later. Interestingly she had took a hiatus in the late 1960s and Anubhav marked her comeback, but for once and last time. Meri Jaan Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho – the final song was recorded by Kanu Roy using a single musical instrument, Vibrophone with the backdrop of rain. Basu Bhattacharya is known for directing films with tight budget. He gave only rupees 1000 for the recording of all songs of Anubhav. So Kanu Roy used only 4 instruments for the whole recordings of 5 songs – Vibrophone, Tabla, Flute and Taar Shehnai. Though Kanu Roy wanted to add more musical instruments for its recording, financial constraints never allowed him to do so. He was not in a status to add money from his pocket too! To record the soft romantic track, Meri Jaan Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho he felt that vibrophone could be the best choice and it proved right too. Vibrophone for the recordings was played by Jazz drummer legend Kavus Lord’s son and musician Kersi Lord’s brother Burjer ‘Baji’ Lord. When many called his recording of Meri Jaan Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho as a successful and wonderful experiment, Kanu Roy recalls it as ‘the only option available then’. He really wanted to use santoor and a few more instruments. Gulzar who penned its lyrics too was a newcomer to the industry. Basu included Gulzar and Kanu in this project because he couldn’t afford big names, and it proved worth! 04-MERI JAAN, MUJHE JAAN NA KAHO MERI JAAN CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#04 3:41 ANUBHAV-1971; INSTRUMENTAL- PIANO; MURARI KUMAR SINHA 04-MERI JAAN, MUJHE JAAN NA KAHO MERI JAAN CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#04 3:55 ANUBHAV-1971; GEETA DUTT; KANU ROY; GULZAR हवे साम्भलों एक गुजराती हास्यास्पद गीत. Ori Aave To Tane Vaat Kahu Khangi … 05-ORI AAVE TO TANE VAAT KAHU KHANGI CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#05 6:10 MOTA GHAR NI VAHU – 1978; KISHORE KUMAR; AVINASH VYAS; ARUN BHATT We bring a musical video. Sachet Tandon and Parampara Tandon’s new romantic track “Chura Liya”, featuring Himansh Kohli & Anushka Sen in the video. The music is by Sachet-Parampara and lyrics are by Irshad Kamil. The video is directed by Ashish Panda. Enjoy and take a listen. 06-CHURA LIYA CD MISC-20220522 TRACK#06 4:30 T-SERIES-2021; SACHET TANDON, PARAMPARA TANDON; SACHET-PARAMPARA; IRSHAD KAMIL Now we bring you ZEE Music Originals “Aaj Auntiyaan Dance Karengi”. Auntiyaan Dance Karengi is a Hindi song sung by Jyotica Tangri and this latest song is featuring Sunny Leone. Auntyaan Dance Karengi song lyrics are penned down by Kumaar while music is given by Sunny Inder and video has been directed by Adil Shaikh. 07-AUNTIYAAN DANCE KARENGI CD MISC-20220424 TRACK#07 2:54 ZEE MUSIC ORIGINALS-2022; JOTIKA TANGRI; SUNNY INDER; KUMAAR 97-ANTMEIN-SIGNOFF – 1:59 BACKGROUND MUSIC: INSTRUMENTAL- MUJHE JAAN NA KAHO, MERI JAAN; PIANO; MURARI KUMAR SINHA ----------------------------------------------------------अंत मे छोटी सी बात ‘An Indian Morning’ की तरफसे: ---------------------------------------------------------- “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” -Marcus Aurelius “यदि आप किसी बाह्य कारण से परेशान हैं, तो परेशानी उस कारण से नहीं, अपितु आपके द्वारा उसका अनुमान लगाने से होती है, और आपके पास इसे किसी भी क्षण बदलने का सामर्थ्य है।” -मैर्कस औयरिलियस ---------------------------------------------------------- हमारा आपके साथ आज यहीं तक का सफर था. तो चलिए आपसे अब हम विदा लेते है. अगली मुलाकात तक खुश रहिये, स्वस्थ रहिये और हाँ An Indian Morning पर हमसे मिलते रहिये. हंसते रहिये, क्योंकि हंसना निशुल्क है और एक सुलभ दवा है। Well, that's all the time we have with you today! We thank you and hope you have enjoyed our company on this Indian Morning! Please join us next Sunday from 10:00 AM till 11:30 AM for another edition (#2467) of “An Indian Morning. ‘Seeking the Spirit of India’ through sounds, stories, music & songs with Dr. Harsha Dehejia and Rakesh Misra, I am Kishore Sampat wishing you a wonderful week ahead! STAY safe STOP the spread SAVE lives! STAY TUNED FOR “MUSIC FROM THE GLEN” आपका आज का दिन और आने वाला सप्ताह शुभ हो, नमस्कार! 98-SPONSORS-RINAG-VAISHALI’S 2:28 THE END समाप्त
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