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An Indian Morning
Sunday January 16th, 2022 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
An Indian Morning, celebrating and seeking the spirit of India thru sounds, stories, music & songs.

Namaste! Through song and dance, story and kirtan, through murals and paintings, we celebrate India, and this is what ties us together. It is the silken threads of our culture that binds us in the fabric of India, a fabric that is painted with the many voices of our diverse country. Let us this Sunday morning, celebrate India through the sutra or thread of its songs and its stories. A-DR DEHEJIA’S MISC-20220116 33:08 01-HE GAJAVADAN; GANESH PRARTHANA; SURESH WADKAR & VARIOUS ARTISTIS; DR. SALEEL KULKARNI 02-YE NAYAN BHARE BHARE; TRIBUTE TO HEMANT KUMAR; LEGENDS (SEASON 2); SAGNIK SEN 03-JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAJE; VIDUSHI KAUSHIKI CHAKRABORTY; DIWAKAR KULKARNI 04-DIL KE NAZAR SE; ROMANTIC SONG; ANARI; LATA MANGESHKAR, MUKESH; SHANKAR-JAIKISHAN; SHAILENDRA 05-RAGA KHAMAJ BASED MEDLEY; VARENYAM B-ANNOUNCEMENTS MISC-20220116 12:40 BACKGROUND MUSIC: INSTRUMENTAL-RAGA BHUPAL TODI-SANTOOR-PANDIT SHIV KUMAR SHARMA आज 16 जनवरी रविवार का दिन है, आप की ज़िन्दगी का एक और नया दिन। 01-MAIN AAYI THI DARSHAN KARNE CD MISC-20220116 TRACK#01 6:25 MAIN AAYI THI-2012; KAVITA KRISHNAMURTHY; BHAVDEEP JAIPURWALA Yaman Medley A Tribute to Legendary Male Singers. Presented by Students of the Swarjeet Sangeet Academy. concept by Ragini Kamtikar. 02-YAMAN SE NAMAN CD MISC-20220116 TRACK#02 8:52 YAMAN MEDLEY-2020; STUDENTS OF SWARJEET SANGEET ACADEMY; RAGINI KAMTIKAR Jagjit Singh live in concert 2011 will bring smiles to your face. Very funny and romantic mood of Jagjit Singh must share it.!! 03-FUN ON STAGE CD MISC-20220116 TRACK#03 7:08 JAGJIT SINGH LIVE IN CONCERT-2011; JAGJIT SINGH And now, Mohammad Rafi's mesmerising and heart captivating voice just takes one into ecstasy. Mohammad Rafi's tremendous voice modulation adjusted according to different actors expressions is something supernatural which only an angel can do. As requested by Lahori Leheriya aka BABLOO! 04-EHSAN TERA HOGA MUJH PAR CD MISC-20220116 TRACK#04 6:01 JUNGLEE-1961; MOHAMMAD RAFI, LATA MANGESHKAR; SHANKAR-JAIKISHAN; HASRAT JAIPURI जब आपने पहली बार बर्फ देखि थी तो क्या आपका inner animal जाग उठा था? I think most of us listening today have gone through these phases of कितना सुन्दर है ना..तो..क्या..यार, फिर बर्फ साफ़ करो, तो ..go kids, go shovel, I have to leave for work soon...and finally to our annual contracts now for snow plowing...तुम्हारा कितने लेता है? फिर है..जाड़ों की गर्म धुप और..Sanjeev Kumar broods about his old love standing in the fog! Dil Dhoondhta hai phi wahi…from movie Mausam , featuring Sharmila Tagore and Sanjeev Kumar.....superbly sung by Bhupinder and Lata, and penned by great Gulzar. 05-DIL DHOONDHTA PHIR WOHI CD MISC-20220116 TRACK#05 4:33 MAUSAM-1976; LATA MANGESHKAR, BHUPINDER; MADAN MOHAN; GULZAR Uff Kitni Thandi Hai Ye Ruth from Amarjeet’s Teen Deviyan (1961) goes a step further. Gorgeously shot in black-and-white, the song sequence is brimming with sexual tension as Simi Garewal’s socialite and Dev Anand’s poet sing into the night, addressing their mutual attraction by the fireplace, and crediting the “thandi ruth” (cold season) for it. 06-UFF KITNI THANDI HAI YE RUTH CD MISC-20220116 TRACK#06 3:03 TEEN DEVIYAN-1965; LATA MANGESHKAR, KISHORE KUMAR; S. D. BURMAN; MAJROOH SULTANPURI 97-ANTMEIN-SIGNOFF – 1:44 BACKGROUND MUSIC: INSTRUMENTAL-JUGALBANDI-USTAD ZAKIR HUSSAIN (TABLA), RAKESH CHAURASIA (FLUTE) ----------------------------------------------------------अंत मे छोटी सी बात ‘An Indian Morning’ की तरफसे: ---------------------------------------------------------- “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson “पूरा जीवन एक प्रयोग है। जितने अधिक प्रयोग आप करेंगे, उतना ही अच्छा।” -राल्फ इमरसन ---------------------------------------------------------- हमारा आपके साथ आज यहीं तक का सफर था. तो चलिए आपसे अब हम विदा लेते है. अगली मुलाकात तक खुश रहिये, स्वस्थ रहिये और हाँ An Indian Morning पर हमसे मिलते रहिये. हंसते रहिये, क्योंकि हंसना निशुल्क है और एक सुलभ दवा है। Well, that's all the time we have with you today! We thank you and hope you have enjoyed our company on this Indian Morning! Please join us next Sunday from 10:00 AM till 11:30 AM for another edition (#2449) of “An Indian Morning. ‘Seeking the Spirit of India’ through sounds, stories, music & songs with Dr. Harsha Dehejia and Rakesh Misra, I am Kishore Sampat wishing you a wonderful week ahead! STAY safe STOP the spread SAVE lives! STAY TUNED FOR “MUSIC FROM THE GLEN” आपका आज का दिन और आने वाला सप्ताह शुभ हो, नमस्कार! 98-SPONSORS-RINAG-VAISHALI’S 2:28 THE END समाप्त
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