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An Indian Morning
Sunday January 2nd, 2022 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
An Indian Morning, celebrating and seeking the spirit of India thru sounds, stories, music & songs. PASSING THE LIGHT OF PEACE, LOVE & PROSPERITY FOR HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!

Namaste! If the commerce of life brings noise and the business of the world creates chaos, if work leads to fatigue, and movement is void of beauty, then let us sit under a tree and pray. For in prayer, there is the recharging of the spirit, rekindling of the flame of life, a journey from the earth to the sky where we touch the divine within us and enjoy the silence and serenity. Welcome to An Indian Morning. A-DR DEHEJIA’S MISC-20220102 32:44 01-SWAGATAM KRISHNA; MOHANA RAAG; SWADINI KOPPA 02-AAJ JAANE KI ZID NA KARO; TANYA WELLS; SOYAL RANA; FAYYAZ HASHMI 03-BEAUTY OF SARGAM; KANIKA BANNERJEE 04-JEENA ISI KA NAAM HAI 05-YE RAAT YE CHANDANI PHIR KAHAN; RAJESH SINGH 06-BEKAS PE KARAM KI JIYE; SAGAR SAWARKAR 07-JO GUZAR GAYA SO GUZAR GAYA; A NAZM BY BASHIR BADR B-ANNOUNCEMENTS MISC-20220102 13:46 BACKGROUND MUSIC; BACKGROUND MUSIC: INSTRUMENTAL-SOFT ROMANTIC SONGS 2021 VOL 1; HIMANSHU KATARA 01-NAV VARSH SHUBHECHHA CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#01 02:00 CHINMAYA MISSION-2020; HARINI RAO, ANIRUDH SHARMA; GURUJI SWAMI TEJOMAYANANDA रोशनी को अंधेरे से पहले, दिलों को धड़कने से पहले, प्यार को मुहोब्बत से पहले, खुशी को गम से पहले, आपको और आपके परिवार के, हैप्पी न्यू ईयर 2022 सबसे पहले… 02-HARI MERE GHAR KO YE VAR DO CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#02 5:12 SANSKAR-1998; SONU NIGAM; RAVI PAWAR; AJAY JHINGRAN Even the shock wave of 2020 could not prepare us for the meltdown of 2021. As we continue grappling with an irrepressible pandemic, music is both a refuge and source of comfort. Although things are far from glorious on that front, one noticed a conscious effort among musicians to sound unique and exciting. Best is subjective, but these are An Indian Morning Team’s favourite Hindi film songs from 2021. Aanand L Rai and Imtiaz Ali's polarising universe takes a life of its own under A R Rahman's soulful tunes. It's a separate space altogether that is untouched by criticism and transports the listener far, far away in a story of his own making that film-makers can only try and catch up to. Though it arrived only at the end of this year, Atrangi Re's soundtrack swept me off my feet and feels like it has been on the playlist all along. Every single song is magnificent in its own way, but Rait Zara Si's ethereal humming, sublime metaphors and dollops of Rahman dust produce a field of goosebumps. 03-RAIT ZARA SI ATRANGI RE CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#03 5:12 ATRANGI RE-2021; ARIJIT SINGH, SHAASHA TIRUPATI; A. R. RAHMAN; IRSHAD KAMIL Brimming with irresistible warmth and melody, the infectious lovey-dovey fervour and playful rhythm of Tanishk Bagchi's charming Punjabi flavoured creation is, hands down, the Hindi song that I listened to most all year. 04-RAATAAN LAMBIYAAN CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#04 5:12 SHERSHAAH-2021; JUBIN NAUTIYAL, ASESS KAUR; TANISHK BAGCHI Raj Shekhar's quirky lines and Justin Prabhakaran's effervescent tune and a hoard of animated singers shift mood and tempo in such a delightful way on screen and speaker, there's no way you can escape its swaying effect. 05-TITTAR BITTAR CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#05 4:03 MEENAKSHI SUNDARESHWAR-2021; ROMY, GOLDIE SOHEL, PRINCE BHATRA, MOHANA BHOGARAJU, HEMAMBIKA, SWATI SHARMA, CHITRALEKHA SEN, YAJAT GARG; JUSTIN PRABHAKARAN; RAJ SHEKHAR Hussain Haidry's ingenious reworking of the age-old bandar baant theory finds a perfect fit in Bandish Project's folksy energy, one that pleasantly disrupts Sherni's meditative momentum, to mock at the absurd degree of political opportunism. 06-BANDAR BAANT CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#06 3:16 SHERNI-2021; AISHWARYA JOSHI, ROSHAN KHAN; BANDISH PROJECT; HUSSAIN HAIDRY Rahman's Enya-esque impulses are soothingly realised in the unabashed emotions of Rihayee De. A terrific track anyway, elevated to another level because Rahman is singing it. 07-RIHAYI DE CD MISC-20220102 TRACK#07 6:06 MIMI-2021; A. R. RAHMAN; A. R. RAHMAN; AMITABH BHATTACHARYA 97-ANTMEIN-SIGNOFF – 1:56 BACKGROUND MUSIC: INSTRUMENTAL-SOFT ROMANTIC SONGS 2021 VOL 2; HIMANSHU KATARA ----------------------------------------------------------अंत मे छोटी सी बात ‘An Indian Morning’ की तरफसे: ---------------------------------------------------------- “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” -Rabindranath Tagore “सिर्फ खड़े होकर पानी को ताक कर आप समुद्र नहीं पार कर सकते।” -रबिन्द्रनाथ टैगोर ---------------------------------------------------------- हमारा आपके साथ आज यहीं तक का सफर था. तो चलिए आपसे अब हम विदा लेते है. अगली मुलाकात तक खुश रहिये, स्वस्थ रहिये और हाँ An Indian Morning पर हमसे मिलते रहिये. हंसते रहिये, क्योंकि हंसना निशुल्क है और एक सुलभ दवा है। Well, that's all the time we have with you today! We thank you and hope you have enjoyed our company on this Indian Morning! Please join us next Sunday from 10:00 AM till 11:30 AM for another edition (#2447) of “An Indian Morning. ‘Seeking the Spirit of India’ through sounds, stories, music & songs with Dr. Harsha Dehejia and Rakesh Misra, I am Kishore Sampat wishing you a wonderful week ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR! STAY safe STOP the spread SAVE lives! STAY TUNED FOR “MUSIC FROM THE GLEN” अब के बार मिल के यूं साल-ए-नौ मनाएंगे, रंजिशें भुला कर हम नफ़रतें मिटाएंगे नया साल 2022 मुबारक आपका आज का दिन और आने वाला सप्ताह शुभ हो, नमस्कार! 98-SPONSORS-RINAG-VAISHALI’S 2:28 THE END समाप्त
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