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An Indian Morning
Sunday November 3rd, 2019 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
Funding Drive - II DIAL & DONATE - 613-520-3920 ONLINE: WWW.CKCUFM.COM/PLEDGE

Funding Drive - II DIAL & DONATE - 613-520-3920 ONLINE: WWW.CKCUFM.COM/PLEDGE 01-PRAGANANT DRUMS CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#01 6:13 BHOR-2004; BANDISH PROJEKT; INSTRUMENTAL Play for few minutes… This is our funding drive…Please support CKCU & An Indian Morning…. Dial and Donate 613-520-3920 Pledge online, C-K-C-U-F-M is Canada’s oldest community and campus radio station. We officially hit the FM airwaves in November of 1975 and have been operating on the hard work and generosity of Ottawa’s radio loving community ever since. Our station finds its home on the campus of Carleton University in our nation’s capital, Ottawa. In 1978 we launched our first ever Funding Drive, asking our listeners to show their support for community radio in their city. That year and each year following, not only the people of Ottawa, but listeners across the country and the world, have showed up to support C-K-C-U. This year we are aiming higher than ever before. With a goal of $250 000, we plan to fill the gap left by the Student Choice Initiative, offer more advanced volunteer training, update equipment and continue to bring you some of the best community programming in the country. Dial 613-520-3920 and DONATE! हार्दिक अभिनंदन आप सबका, शुक्रिया, घन्यावाद और Thank You इस प्रोग्राम को सुनने के लिए। हर रविवार यानी सन्डे की सुबह जब आप आँखे खोलते है तब हमारा उभरता हुआ प्रोग्राम आप की सुबह को खुशनुमा बनाने की कोशिश करता है। उमीद है की आप हर रविवार की आलसायी चाय की चुस्कीयों के साथ हमें सुनना पसंद करेंगे। ईस साथ को बरकरार रखने के लिए हमें आप के साथ की ज़रुरत है और यह साथ आप निभा सकते हैं। ऊठके जहां कहीं भी आप हमें सुन रहे हो, डायल किजीए 613-520-3920 or online at अब सुनिए ऐक खास सुचना 02-KAUN KEHTA TUJHE MAINE CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#02 3:21 NON-FILM-1954; TALAT MEHMOOD; KHAYYAM; JAN NISAR AKHTAR This is our funding drive. DIAL AND DONATE! 613-520-3920 Online: “तेरे भीगे बदन की खूशबू से ” मेहंदी हसन द्वारा गाया एक फ़िल्मी गीत इसमे कोई शक नही कि जनाब मेहंदी हसन के चाहने वाले न सिर्फ़ पाकिस्तान के आवाम मे बल्कि अपने देश मे भी लाखॊ की तादाद मे हैं । लेकिन हमसे अधिकतर मेहंदी हसन जी को गजल और गैर फ़िल्मी गानों के रुप जानते रहे हैं । लेकिन उनकी दूसरी शख्सियत पाकिस्तान के उर्दू सिनेमा के साथ भी जुडी है । पाकिस्तानी अदाकार नदीम और शबनम पर फ़िल्माया गया यह रोंमानटिक गाना “शराफ़त” से लिया गया है । यह फ़िल्म १९७० के आसपास पाकिस्तान मे रिलीज हुयी थी । पेश है मेहंदी हसन जी की दिलकश आवाज : 03-TERE BHIGE BADAN KI KHUSHBOO SE CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#03 4:00 SHARAFAT-1974; MEHEDI HASSAN; ROBIN GHOSH; KALEEM USMANI This is our funding drive. Donate to CKCU because we are a lean organization that will use every dollar wisely: - All programming is done by volunteers. - A small, dedicated core of paid staff runs the day-to-day operations. - Administrative overhead is low. - Planning and overall management is done by a volunteer Board of Directors. You can be sure that every dollar you donate goes directly towards keeping the programs you love on the air. DIAL AND DONATE! 613-520-3920 Online: 04-BULLA KI JAANA MAIN KAUN CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#04 5:38 BULLA KI-2006; RABBI SHERGILL First-class Radio for $53.00 an hour. All CKCU programming is prepared and presented by volunteers. We don’t pay the announcers. But we must pay the costs of running a broadcast facility, such as renting office space, buying broadcast equipment, maintaining the gear, and operating our transmitter. CKCU runs on a bare-bones budget. Because all on-air hosts are volunteers, CKCU can bring you first-class radio for about $53.00 per hour! That’s first-class programming on a shoe-string budget. DIAL AND DONATE! 613-520-3920 Online: 05-CHARU CHANDRA KI CHANCHAL CHITWAN CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#05 4:24 MAN PASAND-1980; KISHORE KUMAR, LATA MANGESHKAR; RAJESH ROSHAN; AMIT KHANNA 16-AMIN SAYANI VOICE 1 CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#16 1:36 AMIN SAYANI, PRIXSHA, LATE PRATIBHA SAMPAT ANNOUNCEMENTS 06-RAMO PRAAN CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#06 5:07 PRIVATE-2010; PRATIBHA; PATHIK JI एक बार फिर हार्दिक अभिनंदन आप सबका, शुक्रिया, घन्यावाद और Thank You इस प्रोग्राम को सुनने के लिए। 07-AGAR TUM SAATH HO CD MISC-20161030 TRACK#07 5:59 TAMASHA-2015; ALKA YAGNIK, ARIJIT SINGH; A. R. RAHMAN; IRSHAD KAMIL It costs about $53 an hour, every hour of every day of the year, to keep the station broadcasting at 93.1 FM on the airwaves, and over the internet at At $53 per hour times 52 weeks, it costs $2756 a year to broadcast a one-hour show. If you pledge $53, you keep CKCU on the air for one more hour. It’s your hour: we hope you enjoy it. Before we play next song, just a reminder to DIAL AND DONATE - 613-520-3920 and Online: 08-GUZARISH CD MISC-20161106 TRACK#08 5:59 GHAJINI-2008; SONU NIGAM, JAVED ALI; A. R. RAHMAN; PRASOON JOSHI A fifty-three is nifty - DIAL AND DONATE - 613-520-3920. 09-JANAM DEKH LO MAIN YAHAN HOON CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#09 5:21 VEER ZAARA-2004; UDIT NARAYAN; MADAN MOHAN; JAVED AKHTAR 10-TERE LIYE CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#10 6:09 VEER ZAARA-2004; ROOPKUMAR RATHOD, LATA MANGESHKAR; MADAN MOHAN; JAVED AKHTAR PUSH & PLEDGE - 613-520-3920. 11-TERI ORE CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#11 5:23 SINGH IS KINNG-2008; SHREYA GHOSHAL, RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN; PRITAM; MAYUR PURI One-quarter of CKCU’s funding comes from CKCU’s listeners during the annual public Funding Drive. That’s you! Please help! Dial 613-520-3920 to make a pledge now. The rest of CKCU’s funding comes from paid sponsorships and financial contributions made by students at Carleton University which is dwindling if not completely gone due to Student Choice Initiative by Government of Ontario. 12-TUM HI HO CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#12 4:25 ASHIQUI 2-2013; ARIJIT SINGH; MITHOON; MITHOON 13-AAJ SE TERI CD MISC-20191103 TRACK#13 5:20 PAD MAN-2018; ARIJIT SINGH; AMIT TRIVEDI; KAUSAR MUNIR An Indian Morning is grateful and thankful to station manager Matthew Crosier, Janis Lockwood, Dylan Hunter, Lindsay Morrison, David Aardvark, Pratibha Malavia, Nishit Mody, Rakesh Misra and of course our mentor and pioneering spirit Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia. ….Dial and Donate…613-520-3920. 14-ALAAP CD MISC-201911103 TRACK#14 0:23 YAADEIN-2001; SUNIDHI CHAUHAN 15-YAADEIN YAAD AATI HAI CD MISC-201911103 TRACK#15 4:48 YAADEIN-2001; HARIHARAN, SUNIDHI CHAUHAN; ANU MALIK; ANAND BAKSHI THE END समाप्त
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