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An Indian Morning
Sunday November 11th, 2018 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
An Indian Morning celebrates not only the Music of India but equally its various arts and artisans, poets and potters, kings and patriots. The first half of the program features classical and religious music as well as regional and popular music. The seco

An Indian Morning celebrates not only the Music of India but equally its various arts and artisans, poets and potters, kings and patriots. The first half of the program features classical and religious music as well as regional and popular music. The second half features community announcements, Ghazals, Themes, Popular Old & New Bollywood Films music and more. The ethos of the program is summarized by its signature closing line, "Seeking the spirit of India, Jai Hind". एक बार फिर हार्दिक अभिनंदन आप सबका, शुक्रिया, घन्यवाद और Thank You इस प्रोग्राम को सुनने के लिए । Movie/Album: विजेता (1983) Music By: अजित वर्मन Lyrics By: वसंत देव Performed By: आशा भोसले, सत्यशील देशपांडे Raag: Ahir Bhairav (Morning Raag) 01-MAN ANAND ANAND CHHAYO CD MISC-20181111 TRACK#01 5:24 VIJETA-1983; ASHA BHOSLE, SATYASHEEL DESHPANDE; AJIT VARMAN; VASANT DEV क्यूँ हवा आज-वीर ज़ारा २००४ कुछ गानों को सुनने के पीछे कोई संगीतमय वजह नहीं होती। बस यूँ ही सुन लेते हैं, मसलन ये यश चोपड़ा की फिल्म का गाना है, ये मदन मोहन के संगीत वाला गाना है, ये लता मंगेशकर का गाया हुआ गाना है। प्रस्तुत गीत को भी सुन लेते हैं, बस, कभी कभी, यूँ ही। आपको भी सुनवा रहे हैं जैसे कई गीत सुनवाते हैं यूँ ही ,कभी कभी। यूँ कि, यूँ भी, यूँ ही। 02-KYON HAWA MISC-20181111 TRACK#02 4:20 VEER ZAARA-2004; LATA MANGESHKAR, SONU NIGAM; MADAN MOHAN; JAVED AKHTAR There is this one song which has been playing continuously on my playlist for the last couple of years. It is Piya Bawri sung by one of my all time favourite singer -Her Excellency, Asha Bhosle. Composed by none other than Panchamda, and lyrics by Gulzar, Piya Baawri is an extremely melodious Indian classical song beautifully woven into a movie soundtrack. It is based on Raaga Bihagda ( in which we get Raaga Bihag and Khamaaj ). Rekha is not in one of her glamsham roles. All she wears throughout the movie and this song is a simple sari, simple make-up and her ‘do-choti’ looks. And she dances away, and trust me when I say this, no one can replicate this level of grace and poise and beauty. She is truly a Diva. And here, she doesn’t even try to be one. She dances with Shashikala on this, and it is such a visual treat. You have to see it to to understand what I mean here. What an Antara!! The sitar piece which transforms into the long Aalaap by Asha jee and then the lyrics take over. I better not talk and just make you listen to what I am saying. Here is the lyrics of one of the Antaras. Just very simple rhyming yet so pretty. कारें कारें पीया सावन के बादल चुनें बादल चुनके आंखों में काजल घुले Translation: My loved one chose the dark clouds, And those chosen dark shades have decorated my eyes. And then of course, Dada Moni’s rap. I don’t mean rap as in Yo Yo homie. Just listen to the video / song. Now why do I love this song. C’mon hit the jump and let the awesomeness be unveiled. 03-PIYA BAAWRI PIYA BAAWRI MISC-20181111 TRACK#03 4:55 KHOOBSURAT-1980; ASHA BHOSLE, ASHOK KUMAR; R. D. BURMAN; GULZAR MERE RASHQ-E-QAMAR Mere Rashq-e-Qamar was a Qawwali sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The ghazal was written by Fana Bulandshehri. Fana's name is mentioned as a takhallus in the original ghazal/qawwali, and even Manoj Muntashir, who has written entirely new lyrics except the ghazal's matla (the first sher) and converted the ghazal into a song, has written a line 'hum fanaa ho gaye' in this version, giving a tribute to the original writer. Also, some good work by Tanishk Bagchi here, who maintains the flavor of the original qawwali. The use of harmonium, mandolin and the soulful vocal renditions adds to the mushy romantic song. mere rashk-e-qamar tune pehli nazar jab nazar se milaayi maza aagaya O my moon's envy, when for the first time you met my gaze, it was wonderful. [rashk = envy, qamar = moon. So rashq-e-qamar means envy of the moon. ऐसे लहरा के तू रूबरू आ गयी,, ऐसे लहरा के तू रूबरू आ गयी धड़कने बेतहाशा तड़पने लगीं,, धड़कने बेतहाशा तड़पने लगीं 04-MERE RASHK-E-QAMAR MISC-20181111 TRACK#04 3:40 BAADSHAHO-2017; NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN, RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN; TANISHK BAGCHI; FANA BULANSHEHRI, MANOJ MUNTASHIR KYA KHOOB LAGTI HO Presenting KYA KHOOB LAGTI HO FULL VIDEO SONG from DHARMATMA movie starring Feroz Khan, Hema Malini, Prem Nath, Rekha & Danny Denzongpa in lead roles, released on April 30, 1975. The song is sung by Mukesh, Kumari Kanchan Dinkerao Mail and music is given by Kalyanji Anandji and lyrics by Indeevar. he music of the film had a fusion of Afghani Music and Western Music. 05-KYA KHOOB LAGTI HO MISC-20181111 TRACK#05 3:44 DHARMATMA-1975; MUKESH, KUMARI KANCHAN DINKERAO; KALYANJI-ANANDJI; INDEEVAR AAJ SE TERI It is a beautiful start to the song as the sound of 'dholki' with a 'shehnai' in the background reminds one of the kind of music that Nadeem-Shravan made aplenty back in the 90s and the 2000s. In fact, it is quite credible to hear Amit Trivedi come up with 'Aaj Se Teri' which is just not the kind of melody that one usually associates with him. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful piece with some simple lyrics by Kausar Munit further accentuated by the manner in which Arijit Singh sings this one. Easy on the ears and finding a quick place on the lips, this one stays with you for days after you have heard it just a couple of times. 06-AAJ SE TERI MISC-20181111 TRACK#06 5:20 PADMAN-2018; ARIJIT SINGH; AMIT TRIVEDI; ARIJIT SINGH KEM CHHO, MAZAAMAA Presenting a Gujarati-Hindi rap number, 'Kem Cho', a short fun track put together by composer Tanishk Bagchi in film ‘Baazaar’. This one has a good hook to it with the sound of 'Kem Cho Mazaa Maa' bringing in a good recall value. Written by Ikka who also sings this one along with Jyotica Tangri, 'Kem Cho' then progresses to the beat of 'Money Money Money', hence fitting in well with the film's theme. 07-KEM CHHO, MAZAAMAA MISC-20181111 TRACK#07 2:05 BAAZAAR-2018; IKKA, JYOTICA TANGRI; TANISHK BAGHI; IKKA BIJLEE GIREGI A girl on fire, a piece of poem with too many twists. An ode to the hurricane, that is a girl who knows no fear. Bijlee Giregi is an original rap composition by Amit Trivedi. It’s a consistently energetic song featuring a mix of styles. There’s some dubstep and then some trap. The haphazardness is complemented by the presence of three different singers (Devender Pal Singh, Sikander Kahlon, Vaishali Sardana) and rapper Babu Haabi, who appear in turns and leave their imprint on the tune. 08-BIJLEE GIREGI MISC-20181111 TRACK#08 3:53 MANMARZIYAAN-2018; DEVENDER PAL SINGH, SIKANDER KAHION, VAISHALI SARDANA, RAPPER BABU HAABI; AMIT TRIVEDI; SHELLE THE END समाप्त
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