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An Indian Morning
Sunday December 11th, 2016 with Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia and Kishore "Kish" Sampat
The first half of the program features classical and religious music as well as regional and popular music. The second half features community announcements, Ghazals, Themes, Popular Old & New Bollywood Films music and more.

An Indian Morning celebrates not only the Music of India but equally its various arts and artisans, poets and potters, kings and patriots. The ethos of the program is summarized by its signature closing line, "Seeking the spirit of India, Jai Hind". 01-Bhaj Govindam CD MISC-20161211Track#01 7:27 BHAJ GOVINDAM; M.S.Subbulakshmi हार्दिक अभिनंदन आप सबका, शुक्रिया, घन्यावाद और Thank You इस प्रोग्राम को सुनने के लिए। While BHAJ GOVINDAM is playing, fade out.. M.S. Subbulakshmi "Amma" - (16 September 1916 – 11 December 2004) The first musician ever to be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honour. "M.S. does not sing. She makes divinity manifest." Deeply religious, Subbulaksmi never left for any important concert without taking the blessings of her revered spiritual leader, Acharya Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati of Kanchipuram. It was the Acharya who composed the lyrics of the hymn ‘Maitreem Bhajata’, which Subbulakshmi sang at the conclusion of her UN concert, ending with the ringing words Srey o bhooyat sakala jananam (Let grace and happiness abound for all mankind). An anthem for universal friendship and world peace, the singer made this song a regular feature in almost all her subsequent concerts for the rest of her life. This is how the beautiful song goes: Maitreem Bhajatha , Akhila Hrujjethreem, Atmavadeva paraanapi pashyatha Yuddham thyajatha , Spardhaam Tyajata , thyajatha Pareshu akramamaakramanam Jananee Pruthivee Kaamadughaastey JanakO Devah Sakala Dayaaluh Daamyata Datta Dayadhvam Janathaah Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam While translations do not do justice to the grandeur of the occasion, the greatness of the music, or the sublimity of the message, here is the meaning of this song: Cultivate friendship to conquer all hearts Look upon others as yourself Renounce war, forswear competition Give up wrongful aggression on others Mother earth is ready to grant all our desires The lord, our father, is merciful to all People of the world! Be restrained, generous and compassionate Let grace and happiness abound for all mankind. Here is M S Subbulakhsmi’s rendition of ‘Maitreem Bhajata’ at the UN General Assembly of 1966. 02-Maitreem Bhajata CD MISC-20161211Track#02 7:27 M.S.Subbulakshmi-1966 हर रविवार यानी सन्डे की सुबह जब आप आँखे खोलते है तब हमारा उभरता हुआ प्रोग्राम आप की सुबह को खुशनुमा बनाने की कोशिश करता है। उमीद है की आप हर रविवार की आलसायी चाय की चुस्कीयों के साथ हमें सुनना पसंद करेंगे। Befikre Music Review: Vishal & Shekhar add perfect masala to Ranveer-Vaani's film! Have you ever dared to love? Well, Ranveer Singh and Vaani Singh have completely become carefree and are ready to break all the limitations. They are ready to entice their fans with their upcoming film, Befikre, directed by Aditya Chopra. Going by trailer, it can be said that concept of the film is youth-oriented and it was much-needed that the songs should also give the listeners the same feel. Here's our music review: 1-Nashe Si Chadh Gayi Nashe si chadh gayi oye Kudi nashe si chadh gayi Patang si lad gayi oye Kudi patang si lad gayi Nashe Si Chadh Gayi is such a song which will fuel your excitement to watch the much-awaited film. The song is scintillating and a foot-tapping dance number. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani have experimented with Arjit Singh's voice and he doesn't disappoint you either. The tempo and bass of the song will keep you hooked to it and you would want to listen to the song, again and again. As kudi nashe si chadh gayi, the same way the song will intoxicate you. Electronic guitar is a perfect add on to the oomph factor of the song. 03-Nashe Shi Chadh Gayi Oye CD MISC-20161211Track#03 3:57 BEFIKRE-2016; Arijit Singh; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni 2-Ude Dil Befikre Have you heard the last part of Nashe Si Chadh Gayi, the song from Befikre? It feels that the new song of the film, Ude Dil Befikre starts from where the former ends. The song just fits perfectly in the jukebox. Benny Dayal proves his singing prowess with this groovy number. Just put your headphones on, you'll just be lost in the song and it's possible you might even reach Paris with Vaani and Ranveer. Jaideep Sahni's lyrics provide a catchy chorus that has a good recall value. The use of guitar, drums, trumpet, cello and keyboards adds a punch to the song and Ude Dil Befikre might also become of the favourite tracks in your playlist. 04-Ude Dil Befikre CD MISC-20161211Track#04 3:51 BEFIKRE-2016; Benny Dayal; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni 3-Je T'aime The song opens with guitar and then you have saxaphone - Isn't this song just perfect for a dinner date with your special someone? It gives you that typical salsa feels, thanks to the perfect use of cello and keyboards. The lyrics, which have been written by Jaideep Sahni, are poetic, relatable and beautiful. The song will also remind you of Te Amo from Dum Maaro Dum and the music slightly appears to be similar to Sway by The Pussycats Dolls. The perfect blend of French and Hindi will make you fall in love with this track. 05-Je T’aime CD MISC-20161211Track#05 4:01 BEFIKRE-2016; Vishal Dadlani, Sundhi Chauhan; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni 4-You And Me Yet, another fun song! You And Me, by Nikhil D'Souza and Rachel Varghese, is crazy to the core. It's such a song you would want to play on a road trip with friends and just sing along with them. Bass guitar and keyboards add peppy flavour to the song. 06-You and Me CD MISC-20161211Track#06 3:18 BEFIKRE-2016; Nikhil D’Souza, Rachel Varghese; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni 5-Labon Ka Karobaar Sung by Papon, Labon Ka Karobaar is likely to become the new love anthem. The song, penned by Jaideep Sahni, talks about the importance and innocence of a kiss - an ode to kiss. The song gives you the feel of a french opera house. Like Je T'aime, this song also has that salsa feel. Guitar, violin, trumpets and piano gives a vibe to this lively song. 07-Labon Ka Karobaar CD MISC-20161211Track#07 3:55 BEFIKRE-2016; Papon; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni 6-Khulke Dulke Isn't a film based on love incomplete without a desi Punjabi number? Sung by Gippy Grewal and Harshdeep Kaur, Khulke Dulke is out and out punjabi number. The other songs in the Befikre album have been pretty good, especially Nashe Si Chadh Gayi and Ude Dil Befikre, but Khulke Dulke seems just average in the otherwise peppy and upbeat music album of the film. It fails to leave a mark and won't stay for long in your head. 08-Khulke Dulke CD MISC-20161211Track#08 3:15 BEFIKRE-2016; Gippy Grewal, Harshdeep Kaur; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni 7-Love Is A Dare Love Is A Dare is a perfect choice by Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani to end the jukebox on. Well, it's an instrumental version of all the songs in Befikre. Hats off! 09-Love Is A Dare CD MISC-20161211Track#09 3:47 BEFIKRE-2016; Instrumental; Vishal-Shekhar Verdict: To sum up, Befikre's music album is refreshing and groovy. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani have not disappointed the music buffs at all. The songs keep you hooked and will surely uplift your mood in bad days. THE END समाप्त
Bhaj Govindam
M.S.Subbulakshmi - BHAJ GOVINDAM
Maitreem Bhajata
M.S.Subbulakshmi - M.S.Subbulakshmi at U.N.-1966
Nashe Shi Chadh Gayi Oye
Arijit Singh; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni - BEFIKRE-2016 New
Ude Dil Befikre
Benny Dayal; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni - BEFIKRE-2016 New
Je T’aime
Vishal Dadlani, Sundhi Chauhan; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni - BEFIKRE-2016 New
You and Me
Nikhil D’Souza, Rachel Varghese; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni - BEFIKRE-2016 New
Labon Ka Karobaar
Papon; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni - BEFIKRE-2016 New
Khulke Dulke
Gippy Grewal, Harshdeep Kaur; Vishal-Shekhar; Jaideep Sahni - BEFIKRE-2016 New
Love Is A Dare - Instrumental
Vishal-Shekhar - BEFIKRE-2016 New
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