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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday November 4th, 2018 with Lester Bear and Lawrence Dunn
Funding drive #3

White Line Fever
Jesse Ed Davis - Ululu - Wounded Bird Records
Gather Round
Love - Out Here - Blue Thumb Records
Elisapie - Ballad of a Runaway Girl - Bonsound Canadian New
Beatrice Deer - My All To You - Self release Canadian
Evan James Redsky - Danny Wolf and two other stories - self release Canadian New
Nêhiyawak - single - self release Canadian
Dixie Chick
Desiree Dorion - Tough Street - self-release Canadian
Faster Than Light
Jay Gilday - Faster Than Light - self-release
Pow Wow Carnival
DJ Shub (feat Little Creek Singers) - Pow Wow Carnival single Canadian
Kashtin - Kashtin Canadian
Next up is the song Memories by Leonard Sumner. I had a dream a couple of days ago that i was sitting speaking to my Dad, it was so real and vivid. It made me think of this song Memories - as Leonard speaks, in this song, about his uncle paying him a visit in his dreams. I always thought that was a nice way to think of it - my Dad came to pay me a visit and we will have Leonard Sumner pay us one on our show today.
Leonard Sumner - Standing In the Light Canadian
Modern Rock
Saddle Lake Drifting Cowboys - Native North America Vol 1 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tony Copple
I have never heard any track from 'Out Here' on radio before. Love's music lives forever even though ignored by the radio community except for the seminal 'Forever Changes', a great live DVD of which came out shortly before Arthur Lee died. Am loving all the music you are playing. Listening in from South Africa.

9:38 AM, November 4th, 2018
hi Lester & Lawrence!! So happy you two are a part of the CKCU family!! We are lucky to have you!

9:48 AM, November 4th, 2018
Lawrence Dunn (host)
Thank you for your comments and insights, Tony! Out Here and Forever Changes are two of my favorite albums. Arthur Lee is a legend. Candace! It's nice to be appreciated. Thanks so much!

8:46 PM, November 4th, 2018